Top 20 Asian Countries for Vacation in 2024

With ancient temples, historic monuments, and vast picturesque nature, although it seems there are many similarities of the Asian countries, each one is unique with regard to culture, cuisine, people, and the mesmerizing charm. Moreover, it is a confusing task to make a choice out of this comprehensive list. These are the Top 20 Asian Countries for vacation in 2023 for a captivating holiday experience!

1. Singapore

With its proximity to one of the top happening cities in the world Kaula Lumpur this is a must – visit list of Asian countries to visit in 2023. The world famous Universal Studios to the nature abundant Botanical Gardens, there is everything amusing to offer from this city state. Talking about the climatic conditions it is hot everyday and you can never tell if there can be a sudden downpour at noon time.

This ultra modern and rich city country is a melting pot of various colors of Asia – Malaysian, Chinese and Indian Culture and same goes with the cuisine with cheaper meals available at street side hawkers.

For the nature lovers, the National Orchid Gardens or Juron Bird Sanctuary Park will provide some much needed peace of mind when you visit Singapore. Don’t forget the shopping in the City Center.

2. Malaysia

In Kaula Lumpur, hotel prices are comparably lesser than neighboring Singapore though not as organized. Known for tea plantations, beaches, rainforests, and tropical climate, there is also amazing art and craft like unique ceramic ware, brocades and batiks, rattan baskets, etc.

For nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts, the premium Taman Negara, one of the ancient most rainforests on the globe offers trekkers options of 1 hr trek to 1 week treks, treetop walkways and hides to spot wildlife.

Excellent places include Cameron Highlands & Tioman Island for Mt. Kinabalu and beaches. Needless to say, the nation is renowned for bustling streets with giant malls as well as street side marketplaces where you find a variety of things to shop till you drop.

3. Vietnam

This country bordering Laos and Cambodia is one of the countries on the hit list to visit in Asia in 2020. Once there visitors will see the unending beauty of lush green paddy fields and the waters along white sandy beaches.

The captivating region along the river – Hoi An, the lively Old Quarter at Hanoi or the colorful Ho Chi Minh City for the exhilarating experience. If you would like adventure activities then try out trekking at Central Highlands where the Da Lat mountain land provides ample opportunity.

For water babes the Hon Khoi Peninsula offers splendid experience of swimming and snorkeling especially at the gold looking Doc Let beach where you can also taste delectable sea food.

4. Myanmar

Renowned for the gigantic vibrant and golden stupas, ancient temples of great historic significance, the tranquil hilly terrain, massive rice fields, and amazing culture. Although there is some unrest still you can go by traveling on boat or local transport, staying in budget accommodations, and going to the famous four: Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake.

If you would like more off-beat lesser crowded with tourist type of places then head to Meiktila, Pyay or Taungoo so you can find natural everyday life of the Burmese people. They are warm and friendly but do take their consent before clicking pics with them.

5. Indonesia

This Southeast Asian country needs no introduction as it is the hub of tourists from world over for the Bali islands, popular cuisine, shopper’s paradise, other beaches, resorts, etc.

With a range of many islands to choose where to tour, it is best to travel to this nation around mid – year, like the month of May due to favorable climate conditions and also lesser foreigners. It is said that nearly 500 diverse dialects and languages are spoken across the innumerable islands where several ethnicities and many cultures.

The mega diversity has several things to look out for – wildlife, coral reefs in the Gilli Islands, the color changing waters, and many volcanoes, some of which you a visitor can try and climb!

6. Nepal

Rich in culture, landscape, and history, the country that spreads over snow capped Himalayan ranges to the dense sub-tropical jungles where wildlife such as leopard and tiger habitat naturally. You can never tell if there is a snowstorm or to cover from blistering sun.

Cultural wise too the country is similar with diverse ethnicities and languages spoken here. The nation is famed for everything from the rice farm terraces to the ages old Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries with Pagoda tops.

This is the best place to see the celebrations of festivals with colors and fervor with prime importance to traditions and customs followed. Top places to visit in Nepal include UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kathmandu Valley, City of Beauty - Lalitpur, Western & Central Hills.

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7. Bhutan

One of the high regions lying amidst the picturesque towering Himalaya Mountain ranges, the Buddhist Empire country is ancient in culture and recently opened for overseas tourists. The best time to visit this country is during the first monsoon months which is September where the lush green vegetations and plantations are at the peak growth.

Trekking is the most common activity which you’d anyway have to do to explore the mountainous region that dates back in time and makes you feel like you’re in ancient land. With sky high prices, plan well to visit most locations in shortest time.

Do not miss out the Taktsang Monastery, sacred place of the Buddhist Kingdom, around same place as Paro International Airport. Punakha is culture rich also famous for adventure, the Himalaya, then other monasteries.

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8. Sri Lanka

The island nation of Sri Lanka has a range of cultures, ethnicities, and exhilarating places to visit in 2020. With pristine and untouched beaches abundant in nature, the mainland has a mixture of wildlife, forests and different types of plantations such as hill slope, tea plantations and misty hill sides all around.

If you’re planning of Asia tour for the culture side, then again this nation has abundant culture with ancient temples, and historical structures or ruins. There is ample wildlife here in the jungles with various trekking points such as Horton Plains National Park to World’s End then there is village of Ella or if you like jungles visit the Adam’s Peak to find the botanical treasure of archetypal rainforests in Sinharaja or at Uda Walawe National Park.

History buffs can enjoy the view of ancient palace ruins, shrines and temples on hilltops and caves, and the famous rock fortress Sigiriya at Cultural Triangle.

9. Laos

This lesser known country which is the only Southeast Asian nation surrounded by landscape and other countries has a hilly and mountainous terrain with culture and history that dates back to over 10,000 years.

Visitors can find monasteries, stupas, ancient temples, and ruins almost anywhere especially in Luang Prabang. It is best for the culture seekers and nature enthusiasts who would like the picturesque view of natural beauty in the backdrop.

There are lush plantations, short jungles, caves under water, and clear waterfalls in scenic forest land. The people are warm, friendly, polite and hospitable. It is also a photographers favorite spot due to nature and enigmatic heritages sites. The capital city Vientiane also houses Patuxai war memorial, and a morning marketplace complex called Talat Sao.

10. Maldives

Just like a long necklace this chain of innumerable islands with over 100 lonely private resorts to choose from. Traveling through one of the best beach islands in the world is by speedboat or a seaplane.

This may be a romantic time with your loved one, a family holiday, or celebrations for a special day, there is a hotel for all budgets. Another excellent attraction here is the seafood or gourmet meals at the beach resorts.

Select from an accommodation over the waters, wind surfing and many other adventure activities that you can experience when you travel to the tiny islands of the Republic of Maldives.

11. Hong Kong

Whether it is a solo travel, or with your closest friends, a romantic honeymoon, or holiday in Asia, Hong Kong is one of the greatest places to visit in Asia. The ‘Pearl of the Orient’ offers some iconic modern skyline infrastructure as well as picturesque scenery with innumerable options for sightseeing to make your holiday a memorable experience.

There is also super duper opportunity for shopping at the several shopping outlets such as Temple Street Night Market and Stanley Market. This is one of the few options in Asia to visit any time of the year as there is sub-tropical climatic conditions. There is also thrilling activities such as mountainous camping, forest trekking, and hiking as well as beach time.

12. Dubai

With everything to offer from art and culture to the Dubai world expo and everything in between this traveler’s dream destination has a record for World’s best for many things.

The city has the tallest sky rise building in the world which is a man-made wonder to the natural massive sand dunes that makes it also look ancient and ultra-modern and rich at the same time. Enjoy the water parks and adventure activities, buzzing night life, amusement theme parks, water sports, and innumerable enjoyments at the second largest and most liberal emirates city.

Dubai will soon host the World’s largest sky pool, so get set for an amazing Dubai vacation here.

13. Cambodia

There are the famous Angkor, Khmer Rouge, and many more to visit here. Check out the river dolphin which is an endangered species, the Cardamom Mountains and the breathtaking splendor of the waterfalls. There is also a UNESCO City of Performing Arts in Battambang.

There are a total of seven different National Parks in Cambodia. If you would like to find the culture, then visit the Koh Ker and Kompong Thom where you can find spectacular temples and not many crowds around. So, it makes for some quiet time and retrospection. If you would like to find more village charm then head to Kampot and Kampong to find locals.

Try to be responsible tourists by purchasing products sold by the locals there as it helps them. These are all the sightseeing places in Cambodia in addition to the Siem Reap sights and Tuol Seng Genocide Museum, Phnom Penh.

14. Philippines

This nation of innumerable islands offers off-beat marvels made from nature – Chocolate Hills in Bohol that are 1000 in number or more, several underwater caves and rivers, magnificent beaches with limestone formations, shimmering reefs, and volcanoes including 'most perfectly formed volcano’ in the world.

There are the Banaue or Rice terraces that are cultivated from over 2000 years. There are mind blowing beaches with some of them that have world class spots for surfing. The most splendid takeaway from the Philippines tour in Asia is the multi-colored sands on the seashores.

You can find snow-white blinding beaches, dark beaches and the pink beaches too with excellent views of lush mountains in the backdrop and other rocky formations.

15. Turkey

The nation that connects the two continent has all the adventure sports for the thrill seekers including windsurfing, river rafting and canyoning, diving, most through the massive mountain gorges. Istanbul, one of the greatest locations on the earth is a must – visit during your trip to Turkey with the mind blowing setting between the Marmara Sea & Black sea – Bosphorus Strait.

Each city to visit requires a minimum of 3 – 5 days to explore the mystery and magic of these ancient cities including Ephesus the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are a plethora of things to do and see in Turkey than you can imagine with some ancient cities and world’s earliest civilizations that look like ancient wonderland.

16. Japan

Situated in far east Japan is the hub of state-of-the-art technology, modern infrastructure with towering skyscrapers, etc. Tokyo is a much visited place in Japan. There are cities that are culturally rich with ancient imperial palaces, pagoda top temples, nature parks spread over vast regions, and several adventure sports and interesting things to do in Japan.

There is also the UNESCO World Heritage Site- the ancient monuments of Kyoto which has the highest number of such accreditations by UNESCO. Relax by exploring the beauty, culture and architecture of Japan.

17. Taiwan

The small country neighboring China, Japan and Philippines has some of the most famous cities in the world that are modern – Taipei. This land of charming culture and architecture has several ancient Chinese temples and a whole lot of resorts to see nature in its fullest.

There are several hot springs too, and all in the capital city of Taipei. One of the best ways to explore and learn of the nature and culture of Taiwan is definitely on a bicycle. Take a cycling tour along the coast of Pacific ocean and the beauty of the region on the other side.

While central region is famous for the picturesque landscape of mountains and lush parks the eastern side is cut off by Central Mountains. Enjoy the tall palm trees along the beaches and islands for a perfect holiday in Asia.

18. India – Land of Different Cultures

The land of cultures and diversity that has its rich history rooted in culture and tradition and seen many dynasties rule.

The sub-continent is popular world over for various things – housing the Seven Wonders of the WorldTaj Mahal, an incredible marble marvel, the International Yoga Festival annually, loud and blaring noise on streets, immense variety of thins and souvenirs to shop from at various street marketplaces and bazaars, big malls, etc.

The food is delectable and you will find innumerable delectable cuisine as you travel to various zones in the country to find wildlife, astounding culture and tradition, palaces that are still maintained well after centuries, amazing railways, beaches on three sides of the country, etc. In short, the nation has a bits of everything in it, ancient culture to modern world.

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19. Borobudur Temple Compounds, Indonesia

Dating back to the 8th century this Buddhist architectural marvel is the biggest Buddhist temple across the globe. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is only 45 min drive from the happening city of Yogyakarta. This temple complex grounds is spread over 60000 cubic meters in stone and took a whopping 75 years for completion!

The site comprises of a pyramidal base that has 5 concentric square terraces, three circular platforms in the conical shape, and the top monumental Stupa at the top of the three tier construction. There are over 70 statues of Buddha within the stupas across the circular platforms. Borobudur Temple Compounds, Indonesia is accredited as "outstanding example of art and architecture of Indonesia" between 8th and late 9th century that exerted considerable influence on an architectural revival between the mid-thirteenth and early sixteenth centuries.”

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