What are traditional dresses in Jaipur, Rajasthan?

Jaipur is best known for its culture, tradition and sacred pilgrims. Although Jaipur has become a busy metropolitan city, it holds the tradition and customs of the ancient city. Planning a tour in this busy city would be quite interesting. Whether you are planning for a family trip or want to go solo trip, Jaipur has a lot of tourist destination to enjoy. Before going to this city, there are a lot of things to be considered. Unlike other northern cities, Jaipur has extreme temperature in both winter and sunny days as well. While leaving your city for Jaipur, you should have the right apparels with you. The attire you have chosen should not be short.

Since the climate is extremely hot, you should wear costumes which don't show off your skin. Moreover, the people of Jaipur follow ancient culture perfectly. Hence, visitors can choose the traditional attire of the city. The temperature is very hot in winters, while there are dust and thunderstorms in the rainy season.

When you are planning to enjoy the Jaipur city during summer days, then don't forget to carry the loose cotton clothes that absorb sweat easily. Sometimes, avoid dark colors as they cause skin diseases. Besides, it is essential to carry hats and caps to prevent harmful UV rays. You can even hold sunscreen lotions with you. Since summer is extremely hot in the busy city, try to stay hydrated all the times. Synthetic clothes are not good options in heavy summer.

The Brilliance of Hues

Both females and males dress in the traditional dress are influenced by climate, status, profession, and the economy. The traditional attires include khol, Pachewera, angrakha, Banda, patia, dhabla, dhoti, achkan is popular amongst Hindus. On the other hand-Burga, achkan, tilak are famous amongst Muslims. Jaipur is still follows these traditional wear instead of modern shirts.

Turban Head

Turban head is considered as the popular headdress of people. It is best suited for Jaipuri men. The bandhani, turban supreme and the tie-and-dye sari are some of the popular dresses. Some of the regular attires include kanchali, Ghaghara, Lehenga, kunchuki, Choli, odhani, etc. If you are planning for a trip to traditional heritages in the city, it is good to wear the dupatta and patka.


For women, the use of sandals or chapels makes sense due to the climate. There, women who belong to high status wears colored sandals topped with stars and gold threats. Most Jaipur is used to wear Lehenga or Choli in traditional festivals.

Royal Wardrobe

The rich set of the royal wardrobe is specially made for the Jaipur people. The royal wardrobe can be made from high-quality fabrics which are allowed to dyeing for some time. The daily wear of this royal costumes, is more popular in Jaipur. When you want to visit luxurious places in Jaipur, don't forget to pack some royal wardrobes. Wearing royal wardrobes like Kappaddwadra and Toshakhanad makes much sense in Jaipur.

Traditional Textiles

Jaipuri daily wear such as saris, 'odhnis' and turbans are often made from textiles using either block printed or tie-and-dye techniques. Jaipur showcases its custom and tradition by making creative traditional textiles. These popular garments are made from high-quality garments which are collected from local states. It is best suited for summer and hot sunny days. You should try out this one for sure.

Headgear / Turbans

Headgear or turbans come in varieties that anyone can get it at affordable price. Turbans are well known as safa, pagari and Headgear. Interestingly, turbans come in all colors, styles, and shapes. This is not surprising that there are nearly 1000 varieties of headgears available in this desert and each turban signify religion, caste, and their custom. For the tourist, wearing headgear in this city would be quite interesting.

Women's Attire

For a fashion forwarded tourist, odhani is the best choice to wear in the summer days. Odhani comes in different styles and colors and each signifies their custom and religion. Both Muslim and Hindus wear Odhini.


Pagari is the daily wear of Jaipur men. It comes in different colors as per their customs. You can try out this.

Way of Dressing

The regular wears of Jaipur are good and inexpensive. Some popular daily wears such as turbans and rhinos are made from soft textiles using dye techniques. Visitors can even try out this daily wear to make them feel comfortable.

Jaipur Costumes

Jaipur is still follows some rare customs of Rajputs and so the costumes are a Mughal dress. The garments are collected from various states include Gujarat and Banaras. The delicate cotton Sarees from Chanderi and Kashmiri shawls from Gujarat makes Jaipur is more beautiful and attractive.

So, if you are planning for a honeymoon trip, you can try out these adorable garments to have a memorable experience.