Amarnath Yatra

Amarnath is a beautiful place and a well-known temple that you may not find elsewhere. The cave of Amarnath is around 150 feet high and is 9 feet long too. It faces on the south side. Now if you are planning to visit Amarnath soon, then it is expected that you at least have the best of your time with loved ones since the Trip to Amaranth can be quite a lengthy experience.

As per the tradition which is being followed, it is said that Lord Shiva who also is known to be Amarnath as the formation of ice on the left side while Ganesha is on the center and in the middle is the Parvati which is also worshipped by Hindus and is said to be Wife of Lord Shiva and mother of Lord Ganesha. When you go inside Amarnath cave ether is another small cave on the left that you can see in which there is a substance more like chalk that is given to the pilgrims as the holy ash.

The primary reason for you to enjoy the Amarnath yatra is for the Darshan of Holy lingam that you can find in Amarnath. Every year there is snow that meets on the Himalayas which lets some water get inside the cave and take the lingam shape. As per the belief set by Hindu, it is a symbol of Lord Shiva. Talking about Amarnath tourism, it is from June to September. The tourism consist of helping people to have a place to reside during their Amarnath trip till ensuring that they reach the spot safely.

In Amarntah, helicopters are arranged for senior citizens so that they don’t have to hassle at all. Besides, the travelers irrespective of the location be new Delhi, Chennai, and even Kolkata and Chennai are traveled to the place only when they are insured. If a price is a concern then you don’t have to worry since it is quite cost-friendly provided you choose from the right agent.