Amazing Self Experience Kashmir to Gulmarg in 1 Night

Kashmir is a picturesque place. The scenery, along with the cool breeze, is breathtaking. We knew it was time to leave in search of that paradise, to see this wonderland we'd only read about in stories, seen in photographs shot by various travelers, and experienced via the tales of our friends who had visited this wonderful area.

My family planned a vacation to Kashmir form four years, but it was pushed back due to various factors. Whether it was a natural disaster or terror anxiety in the valley, we could not locate a suitable time to travel. Finally, we made a decision and decided to book a flight to this location.

Kashmir has always been portrayed in Bollywood films as merely a gorgeous terrain, but believe me when I emphasize it is so much more than that.

I fell in love with the culture, cuisine, residents, attire, saffron cultivation, and, of course, their lovely accent!

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Our driver was the first Kashmiri we met, and he informed us about their way of life, their family, and how Kashmir has changed over the years.

You can find a vast number of houseboats in dal lake. We took a canoe ride on the lake. Beauty is in abundance. The whole state is covered with lush green grass and flora and fauna in full bloom from April to September. Places like Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Pahalgam are worth visiting. Kashmir makes people uneasy in general, but Gulmarg, in my opinion, is one spot where this anxiety does not exist. This tiny village attracts visitors from all over the country and throughout the year because of its natural beauty.

If Kashmir is heaven on earth, then Gulmarg is Kashmir's heaven on Kashmir; how you can plan your trip here, including information on accommodation, mode of transport, things to see and do, weather and the best time to visit. The Road connectivity to Gulmarg is excellent, and from Srinagar, you can get here in a matter of 2 to 3 hours at most. However, if you are not travelling by your vehicle, Srinagar is well connected to the country by Air, Train and Bus service. In whichever part of the country you live in, the simplest way to reach the city is by flying or boarding a train.

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One can see Chinar leaves in different shades of red, yellow and orange. Imagine the vast expanse of dal lake with different shades of Chinar leaves near it, providing beauty par excellence.

Gulmarg is more than simply a lovely mountain resort today; translated as "Meadow of Flowers," it is surrounded by gleaming snow-capped Alps, lush green pastures, vibrant meadows, deep valleys, and pine-covered hills.

  • It is an exceptional ski resort with thrilling slopes at the top of the fascinating apharwet peaks, which turns into a stunning scene of bright blossoming flowers in a burst of shades during the fall season.
  • At an altitude of 2,650 feet above sea level, Gulmarg offers the world's highest golf course.
  • In March, Gulmarg hosts a three-day Winter Festival. During the festival, talented artists from many areas such as music, cinema, and photography can present their work.
  • The Seven Springs is a beautiful stream near Kongdori that splits into seven water exits and provides a stunning view of Gulmarg, which can be visited by taking the Gondola ride.
  • In Gulmarg, there are numerous places to visit as Alpather Lake, Apharwat Peak, Maharani Temple, Gulmarg Golf Course, St. Mary's Church, Maharaja Palace, Children's Park, Strawberry Valley, Baba Reshi, Khilanmarg & Ferozpur Nallah.

Gulmarg is a spot where we got lucky to witness the first snow of the season. We had a well-trained guide who made the trip smoother and more informative for us. We made new friends with whom we remain in contact via social media. Although it is said that the most fantastic time to visit Kashmir is during the summers, I believe that the beginning of the winters is the adequate time to see this paradisaical hill region.

Kashmir is a sensation that cannot be captured in words. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience to visit the 'Switzerland of India.' had such an excellent travel experience, and I look forward to many more trips with them in the future. It is, without a doubt.

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