Anantnag, Jammu & Kashmir

Anantnag, the name is derived from two words, anant and nag. Anant means endless and nag means springs. As per the name there are many fresh springs in the vicinity. The environment is so serene and heavenly. You will get fresh air coming from the mountains nearby. There is always pleasant breeze in the region.

Anantnag is one of the largest business centers of Jammu and Kashmir. With business come many tourism options too. Actually anantnag is situated near confluence of three sub streams namely Arapath, Sandran and Brengi. These combine to form the river Jhelum. This river was the major source of transportation in olden days. It has much more to it than just rivers.

Places to visit in Anantnag

  • Martand Sun Temple : It is dedicated to sun god, made in 7th century. It was built by the Surya dynasty. The stone structure gives a fair idea about the craftsmanship of the artisans of that era.
  • Ishmuqam Shrine : It is an Islamic shrine where the famous saint Sheikh Noor-ud-din is resting for eternity.
  • Jhelum Rivers : It is the largest rivers of Punjab beginning right here in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. You can see the crystal clear water gushing with great vigor and source of life to many. It served as the only means of transport in yesteryears.
  • Parihaspora Town : It is an archeological site where Pattan bazaar was situated in ancient times. It gives a glimpse into the life of the people of ancient times.
  • LalChowk : This place has seen many freedom fights during the time of struggle for independence.
  • Market of Betingoo : It is a local market for fruits and vegetables. You can get fresh produce here from the region.
  • Market Park : It is a special market place in the region for the best apples. You can buy retail or wholesale stock of delicious apples.

Best Time To Visit Anantnag

You can choose to visit Anantnag during the summer season. The temperature is in the comfortable zone of 8 to 22 degrees Celsius. The winters are exceptionally cold and the temperatures can drop to sub-zero levels of -10 degrees Celsius.

Adventure Activities in Anantnag

When you are done with sightseeing then we suggest you must unleash the adventurous side of yourself. We suggest the following activities:

  • Paragliding : You can do paragliding when the skies are clear, so that you can see the green meadows below and the snow clad peaks in the backdrop. You can take up the activity if you have prior experience else take an experienced guide with you from the agency providing the service. This activity is generally done at Pahalgam.
  • Skiing : You can enjoy Skiing at Gulmarg or Pahalgam near anantnag. Always use good quality gear that can be hired easily.
  • Water Rafting : you can enjoy water rafting in Jhelum river when the water is not turbulent. You will need to hire a raft and take along designated people for your own safety.
  • Zorbing : you are made to roll down the hill in a large inflatable balloon, when you are sitting inside. This activity is done on a lesser steep slope so that you do not catch too much pace.
  • Fishing : With prior permission you can do fishing in Jhelum. The river is abundant in trout.

Things to Buy in Anantnag

After you have done with doing sports you can stroll around the city markets and chose to buy things in the local market. A few suggestions of what you can buy. In the main city of Anantnag you can buy the best apples, as they grow in the close vicinity of the town. You do not have to worry to carry them home; many sellers provide delivery option to your door step almost anywhere in the world at a small price. You will experience that Kashmiri culture is prevalent here. You can buy woolen clothes of best quality as the weather is cold here year round. Handicraft items are available in the local market made of wood, paper mache and wool.

As most of the time there is snow outside so the people cannot leave their homes and indulge in handicraft instead to be sold all year round. You can buy colorful carpets also hand made by the artisans here at home themselves during the peak winter season. Do not miss out buying fresh dry fruit from the region.

What to Eat in Anantnag

With all said and done you must enjoy the delicious delicacies that are unique to the region. You must try Rogan Josh, Yakhani lamb curry, ShabDeg, Khamiri roti and many more. There are many dishes which cannot be cooked instantaneously and need a lot of preparation and after cooking time. You must try those. You must also try kawah tea. Khawa or herbal tea is a must have in the Kashmiri house hold as it is going to  wash down all the oil from your throat down to your stomach and help digest it. As we all know that Kashmir is very cold throughout the year; this tea has herbs in it which help you fight against the chill and keep healthy from within. Kawah is basically cardamoms, cloves, cinnamon and saffron infused in tea. It is traditionally prepared in a brass kettle. The tea generally has a pink colour to it after preparation when milk is added. It can also be had without milk, so those who prefer green tea must try this tea as well.

With all said and done you must always take a review of the weather before you go there. Also make bookings for the sports you want to undertake in advance so that you can make the most of your stay and do not have to wait in long queues. You must also go prepared for the winter season, as it gets very chilly in the night time. It is preferred not to wander off in the night or into the rural area alone. The local people may not be able to guide you back as they are not generally well versed in English.

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