Katra, Jammu & Kashmir

Katra is popular by the name of Katra Vaishno Devi is a well-known town which is located in the reason district of Jammu and Kashmir state. It is right on the foothills of the Mountains called Trikuta where you can see the holy shrine of Vaishno Devi located.

From Jammu, this small is at a distance of 42 km. But being a small town this place has got so many things to offer you. If you have been residing in India then probably you might be aware about Katra but if you are planning to visit India and soon Jammu and Kashmir is in your next visit place then, of course, it is better to choose the right travel itinerary that can be helpful for you to explore the untouched places of Katra

About Katra

Katra is a popular tourist destination. But it is more known due to the heritage pilgrims that are built here in ancient times and are still intact. Many people often plan to stay here since it is close to the Vaishno Devi temple.

That is why you can expect quite a number of a rush here especially during the summer season when several visitors are planning for Vaishno Devi. Katra has got many hotels, complex and hostel facility stays at a great deal. But since there is a crowd all the time, it is expected for you to do the bookings all well in advance.

Moving on to the reason why Katra has gained popularity, well it, of course, is a part of the heaven place Jammu and Kashmir so you can expect to get the view of the calm environment in the lush meadows with scenic nature. This place is all surrounded by hall Montanari hills of Trikut.

Known to be the stunning one, this place has got all the hidden gems that most of the tourists are still not aware of. Many people often plan to visit this place for adventurous activities and sightseeing spots. That is why, when you are in Katra, you should expect to have the best of your time.

Best Things To Do In Katra

Some so many tourists plan to have a stay in Katra before they start their journey to Vaishno Devi. But this small town is not just meant to have a day stay for relaxation.

It has got so many activities to do that will give you splendid experience. This place has wonder surrounding and in between have some marvelous activities to enjoy which I am sure, you must have added in your bucket list too.

1. Sulla Park

This place is located like half-hour distance from Katra. It is quite an amazing destination to have a pleasant and relaxing stay with your partner. The park is well maintained and has many types of plants and flowers that would fascinate you. 

This park isclose to Shiv Kund and is said to be one of the untouched spots that you should plan to visit but probably in the summer season that is from March till July. Avoid visiting in monsoon as there is a heavy rainfall that you can expect here.

2. A Short Trip To Himkoti

Most of the people till date don’t even know Himkoti. This is one of the splendid places that will give your eyes a marvelous treat. This place is not only known for the incredible Jammu valley view to be enjoyed but is quite maintained and neat too.

There are so many different eateries that will let you and your taste buds have the best time. You must get yourself indulged here for the Dosa and Maggi which is quite known. Besides, coffee and tea are popular too. This place, however, is not yet noted in the tourist's map but surely is one of the mist visit spots that you must not avoid.

All the essential facilities are available at Himkoti so you might don’t want to load up your bag unnecessarily. Besides, there are some of the projects that the Indian government is planning to deliver on this small town which would make this place further appealing for the tourists.

3. Jhajjar Kotli

Most of the calls often plan to visit this place on the weekend as a family picnic trip. It is a cool spot of Katra which is all sounded with marvelous beauty of nature. This place is located at the distance of like 15 kms from Katra and is said to be the most iconic place that you can come across.

Many people often choose swimming in the creek and if you are planning to do the same then make up your mind already. This is the best place to have some time with tour loved ones which you can mesmerize forever.

4. White-Water Rafting

White water rafting is one of the popular activities that you would cherish the most throughout life especially if you do it in Katra, This place is all sounded with the Chenab river which surely pumps up the level of excitement in your veins.

It is one of the popular rafting stretches around the globe and is said to be one of the kind. If you are looking for some better excitement in life then you must not miss out on this opportunity. The right time to water rafting here is between May to December. You are advised to avoid the monsoon season as the current is quite high and may exhilarate at the time of monsoon season.

Other than this, Shiv Khori, Nau Devi Cave Temple and Vaishno Devi temple are some nearby places that you might want to visit. You might also want to experience nigh trekking in Katra. During the night there is a venture town that looks amazing with the sparkling stars and has the most spectacular picture.

You can enjoy some homemade soup which is being cooked nearby the locals for you to enjoy. When you are here don’t forget to buy woolen clothes and dry fruits which is the specialty here.

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