Khilanmarg, Jammu & Kashmir

Khilanmarg is a spellbinding valley with snow-clad peaks surrounding it. You can even walk from Gulmarg; as it is only 6 km away. The height through increases by 2000 ft. The fascinating mountains all around are some of the highest peaks of the Himalayas. On a clear day, you can see Nanga Parbat peak and Nun-Kun Mountains too in the far off distance.

The terrain makes it perfect for some adventure sports as the slopes are smooth and neither rough nor steep. The thrill begins by reaching the place as you can only come on foot or on a pony ride. There is no motorable road leading to Khilanmarg. The valley is full of blossoming flowers in the spring season and fills the air with aroma. While; in winters it is the best spot for ice-skiing and other winter sports

There are many professionals during winter time to lend winter sports gear and guide you in doing the same.

Best Places To Visit Khilanmarg

Alpather Lake

The distance from Gulmarg is 13kms. It is situated in the valley in the foot of the twin peaks Nun and Kun of the Apharwat range. The lake gets frozen in the winter season as it is at great height from sea level. You will be amazed to see ducks walking rather than swimming in the lake. Large chunks of ice float in the lake most time of the year. If you are a solo traveler you may want to sit here for hours together and relax.

It is also a good spot for picnic with kids as they can enjoy the flowers and trees around. The photographer inside you can have fun clicking as many wonderful pictures as you like.


Gulmarg has been a valley famous for flowers but not that cable car service has been introduced it is even more frequented by tourists. It is the world’s second highest cable car service taking you to the height of 12293 ft covering a distance of 5 kms.. You can have an aerial view of the enchanting valley in summers and winters a like.

In spring it is full of flowers and in winters you can see vast spread snow. On a clear day you can see Nanda Devi,Pir Panjal and even LOC from here. It serves as an awesome skiing ground in full winters. An interesting fact being that 1000 persons can enjoy the ride in 1 hour.

Golf course

It is world famous 18 hole golf course at the greatest height of 8700 feet. Britishers used to play golf here from year 1911, but it has been thrown open to the public officially in 2011. Inside the golf course itself there are meadows of flowers of rare species. Visitors are allowed to drive through to enjoy the beauty even if they do not want to play golf.

Ferozpur Nallah

This is a dazzling mountain stream that flows through the hypnotizing valley between Chinamarg and Nurpur pass. A perfect picnic spot as flowers blossom all around in varied varieties, color and aroma. Tall trees and snow clad peaks make a picturesque backdrop. This small tributary has crystal clear water and the softly flowing water makes a sweet sound to spell bound you in its beauty. You will be awe-struck at the serenity of this place so close to the chaos of a busy city.

You can avail the option of fishing and catching the prized trout fish yourself. You can rekindle love with your partner or have family time with kids. Even solo travelers love this place. You can do photography from many angles and still feel may be you missed a spot.

St. Mary church

The building is more than 100 years old. The architecture reflects Victorian style of construction. Grey stones are used to make walls. It is a small neighborhood chapel, but is still used till date. The chapel looks pretty from a distance sitting in the middle of a meadow.

Maharani Temple

It is unique in nature of religious believes as a Muslim priest always performs all the Hindu rituals. The temple was constructed by wife of Maharaja Hari Singh. Mohini Bai Sisodhi used come here to offer prayers when it was under the Dogra Dynasty.

Ningli Nallah

It is at a distance of 10 kms from gulmarg. The water in this lake comes from the melting of Apharwat peaks, so the water is sparkling and crystal clear. This stream flows further to become a tributary of River Jhelum. It is perfect for family picnic or sitting back and enjoying in lap of Mother Nature. Covered with snow clad mountains on all sides the view is just mesmerizing and you will feel transported to another heavenly world.

Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve

This is a protected area where you can see rare species of flora and fauna. You can see musk deer and snow leopards if you are lucky. Also the reserve is a favorite stop over for the migratory birds. You will be able to witness close to 140 types of birds if you are a silent watcher.

Best Time To Visit In Khilanmarg

Though you can go there all the year round, but for those seeking to see Mother Nature at its best and relax in her lap must go in summer season. There will be lush green trees and meadows full of flowers with sparkling water flowing in the streams. But if you are looking for adrenalines rush then you should go in winters and enjoy winter sports like skiing and ice-boarding. You can go for cable car ride in any season.

Things To do In Khilanmarg

You must enjoy the enchanting beauty of the valley and feel the freshness in the air. If you go in summers you will be able to get the aroma of local flowers. You can also go horse riding or just sit and do bird watching. For those who love to have excitement in life you must go in for winter season and make the most of skiing and snow-boarding. Also do not forget to go on the cable car ride and have aerial view of the valley as if you were a bird.

Hope you have got an overview of all the places you can visit and all the activities you can undertake. You must take out time to visit this slice of heaven on earth and make most of your time while in Jammu and Kashmir.

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