Lamayuru, Jammu & Kashmir

There are so many destinations that we always must have read or heard about it and if you have planned to one such spot like Lamayuru then probably, you are going to have the fun time here. With lively people, colorful culture and great food to enjoy, Lamayuru has got everything along with the scenic beauty that you can enjoy. Many small and large tourism providing agents arrange a trip to this lace. You can surely plan to go and explore this destination with your family and friends which won’t disappoint you at all.

Lamayuru is on the way to Leh which you can pretty much surely visit from Leh in many conveniences. It is popular because of the monastery which is located at a distance of 127 KM from Leh. It has a height of around 3510 meters and is worth. Lamayuru is a day trip in which you can cover most other spots that are located nearby.

This place, during your return trip from Leh simply amazing because of the clam and peaceful experience that you get. Popularly known or the monastery, this place is said to be a lunar landscape that is all covered with some of the top-notch things that you may not find elsewhere. This place is a landscape that is spectacular due to the geo-location formation.

This peaceful landscape on the road of Leh to Kargil is a tiny village that often people call the Moonland of Ladakh. It is one of the popular housing and the oldest monasteries in Ladakh that gives you a breathtaking view that you can't escape from

History of Lamayuru

If you are keen to explore the history of Lamayuru well, it is quite an interesting one. Lamayuru is called the eternal monastery which is the Tibetan Buddhist monastery. It belongs in the Leh district and is located on the highway of Srinagar-Leh. This place is at the height of 3510 meters and is said to be a popular one holding a Ban symbol that means eternity.

In the history of Viking, it was stated that there was an India Scholar by the name of Naropa who had the lake filled up the valley to get dried up. Because of which the Lamayuru Monastery came into existence. One of the oldest temples called Seng-ge-sgang located on the south side of Lamayuru rock was built by the builder monk Rinchen Zangpo which then charged the Ladakh king to further make 108 gompas which you can often notice in Ladakh at the Spiti Valley.

Best Time To Visit Lamayuru

It is always better to explore such places at the right time so that you don’t miss out on anything est. Lamayuru is known to be visited during the summer season which is quite warm. There are some of the showers that often you may notice as the arrival of the monsoon but yes if you plan during the peak seasons of monsoon then you will have to experience landslides.

Besides, there are also high chances of cloudbursts too. If you consider going during winter seasons, you can expect quite a chill breeze and the temperature also reaches 5 degrees Celsius.

Best Places to Visit In Lamayuru

Often, you would want to explore someplace but don’t know what all things should be covered. Lamayuru is also something like that since it is quite small and even gets covered in a day trip. Located on Leh-Kargil Road, this place has some of the best attractions such as:

Lamayuru Monastery On Leh-Kargil Road

The distance of this monastery from Leh is 127km. it is said to be the popular attraction of the Lamayuru region. You shall come across the column paintings that are made in the Kashmiri style and are so totally worth it because the Buddhist iconography is beautifully shown.


This is another popular place you can explore. It is said to be the western base camp for many travelers who plan to stay Ladakh. It is one of the paradises to come across the moment you enter the Ladakh premises.


This is a Lamayuru sub-monastery where in caretaker monk is responsible for holing up the routine rituals for granting access to the temple.

Culture of Lamayuru

People of Lamayuru are quite lovable. Besides, other than a monastery, Lamayuru is a place popularly known to be Yuru Kabgyat culture. It is a festival celebrated on a large scale as per the Ladakh’s cultural calendar and is one of the biggest events too. During this festival, some dancers wear a mask and perform the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism.

You can say this to be their traditional dance performance. Another prime attraction is their dance-drama that also has the role of the demolition of a statue which depicts the individual having a bad part residing.

Other than this, Hemis Tse Chu is another popular two-day festival which is also a popular monastic festival in Ladakh. It is a dedication made to Guru Padmasambhava who founded Tantric Buddhism. The festival focuses on the conversion, taming and even integration of Bon-PO gods and demons.

Food in Lamayuru

There is no denial of the fact that Lamayuru is one of the popular places to have the most enjoyable experience. This place focuses on letting you not just explore the history, great architecture based monastery but also the resultants where you can just kill your hunger.

There is a popular restaurant by the name of the same called Lamayuru restaurant which is one of the unique and local ones. The restaurant is located close to the road of Old fort and is busy throughout the day. You must try out their mouth relishing breakfast or lunch. They have the best options such as Choco Danisha and even the Coconut Cookie that surely would calm your sweet tooth.

You must try out North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Italian dishes here. Besides, Chicken Thukpa, Chicken Biryani is quite popular. You can always plan to visit Gesmo Restaurant, Little Italy Restaurant, Shubh Punjabi, Hotel Sten Del Restaurant, Deskit that are well known.

Lamayuru is a beautiful place where you can easily access from Ladakh. You can closely experience the local life besides the sufficient offbeat of the place is quite amazing for which you don’t even have to be adventures.

Since the homestays have cost-friendly options, you can always have a peaceful time when you are in Lamayuru. So it is now time to pack your bags and explore the unseen beauty of Lamayuru that will surprise you at it's best.

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