Nubra Valley, Jammu & Kashmir

The Nubra Valley is one of the beautiful places that you can think of exploring when you are in Ladakh. It is not exactly close to Ladakh but yes it is one way to Tibet for which you have to pass via the Karakoram pass. It has been recently opened in Ladakh and gives the most amazing experience.

Nubra is known to have you the most incredible scenic beauty that is very rare to be noticed elsewhere. This is said to be the trip that will you to the time of Shangri La. With the breathtaking views and some of the best hospitable inhabitants, there is no doubt that this place surely gives you the most amazing experience of your life.


Most of the people are still not aware of the history of the Nubra Valley. But if you are looking forward to exploring the place with all your mind and heart then it is better that you look forward to exploring history before visiting the place. Himalaya is a Sanskrit word which means the Abode of Snow. In the Himalayas, there is one of the high altitudes rather a climatic barrier which is said to become parched as the Tibetan Plateau. If you have a look on the south side, you will see the Brahmaputra and Ganges River that keep the land wet all the time.

Ladakh falls in the district state of the Jammu and Kashmir. On your journey from Leh to going furthest forward the Tibet comes the Nubra valley further north whose ranges are all sounded by the Himalayas on the south and Karakoram on the north side. It is believed that you will have to first cross the khardung-la pass before reaching Nubra valley. If you visit the place, you will notice the boards stating it is one of the top-notch motorable routes at 5602m.

Best Time to Visit In Nubra Valley

If you are looking forward to visiting The Nubra Valley but not sure when can be the right time then probably, you should be ready to pack your bags and go in July to September. This place has always been scenery and the most idealist tourist destination. But not everyone knows the best seasons. With hundreds of people, you must have heard who say winter is the time or monsoon is wrong. They probably must have missed out on the best time. The Nubra Valley is a good place to explore in the summer season that lets you have the most incredible sight of the unexploited paradise too.

This surely is one of the best things to witness at least once in your life. But you have to make sure you do the booking well in advance since there will be quite a rush during its peak season. In winter, the seasons are pretty chill which starts from November and lasts till February at an as low degree as -5. The climate is pleasant in summer and the nights in the same can be quite cold but the most amazing one to enjoy.

Things To Do In Nubra Valley

Of course with so many interesting things you must have explored in different places you shall be expecting the same at Nubra valley too. Well, you surely will not be disappointed as it offers:

Panamik Village

With rich festivals and great local people around, surely this is the best place you can visit. It is far from Ladakh at around 140km and is said to be the capital of the same. It I around at the height of 31833 meters above the level of the sea and is located at the north side were foreigners are free to enter.

Diskit Monastery and Hundur Monastery

This is also popular by the name of Diskit Gompa. It is one of the largest monasteries in Numbra valley that you should plan out.

Nubra Valley

Of all, other places, this is the most important place to visit. It is lush greenery you can come across in the Ladakh desert which is unusual. Besides, the landscapes have an image like the moon line and the slopes are just WOW.

Bactrian Camel Safari

This may sound a little weird but yes, you can simply imagine yourself just the way you had a trip of camel ride in Rajasthan rather a much better than that. Don’t be amazed to see the camels that look quite different than the ones you must have seen so far.

Yarab Tso, Sumur

This is one of the purest lakes which often is said to be a hidden lake. It is located at the most isolated place and to reach there, one has to reach at the uphill for more of twenty minutes

Culture of Nubra

With lovely people and great scenic beauty around, this is certain that your trip to Nubra will not be bad. This place is known to be one of the most amazing experiences of your life. Besides, if you plan to visit their main festivals, the fun will get doubled up. Music is often played at Nubra as a sign of peace and calmness. There is also a festival of Buddhist monks. It is a traditional festival in which music like Daman and Surna are played. There are dances also performed in which people were masks and perform. Some dances are also in form of dram to depict the story which is quite interesting to see.

Food of Nubra Valley

Here is good information for food lovers. Nubra valley has got some of the most amazing things for you to enjoy. Being in an isolated place, don’t consider that this place doesn’t have much of the restaurant option. But yes, you must try out something different and that is the local food which is being served such as meat, momos, and Thupka which is quite popular. You can also plan to explore the restaurants such as Rangyul Guest House, Diskit Market, Gyantse restaurant to name somewhere you surely will not run out of options.

Now that you are pretty much aware of the best things you can do at the Nubra valley, it is time for you to take the right action. However, you can lay look around for the other traveler's views to make sure you are not missing out on any of the best things that surely must be added in your trip to make it mesmerizing. It is now time to go ahead and grab the best time to plan you are itinerary and experience the beauty of Nubra valley which surely is worth exploring.

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