Pulwama, Jammu & Kashmir

Pulwama is another larger city close to Srinagar. Fondly known as the Delight if Kashmir by the local people, it is just 25 km from Srinagar. The serene enchanting beauty of the place is bejeweled with apple orchards, waterfalls, lakes, natural springs, and mountains. This place had been under terror attack in the recent past, but now safety has been restored. You can be assured and go around and explore nature’s beauty at its best.

Best Places To Visit In Pulwama

Tarsar and Marsar Lake

They are two lakes situated close to each other. You can find these closely knit in the folk stories of the Kashmiri culture. They are quite place to have some fun time with family. You can have picnic with kids and enjoy. For a solo traveller, you can sit back and relax for sometime in solace.

Aharbal Waterfall

The water from river Vishav creates a magnificent waterfall close to Pulwama. The waterfall is surrounded by fir forests and makes it lush green throughout the year. The gushing sound of water and the foamy white clouds formed by the falling water will mesmerize you. You can sit there for hours and just be amazed by the craftsmanship of Mother Nature. It is a good picnic place. Just be careful to keep kids at a safe distance as the pace of the waterfall is fierce and may take anything that comes in its way along with it.


It is a small meadow mostly untouched by humans, waiting to be explored. The place feels like it has just popped out of a fairy tale. There are wild flower beds on the ground, surrounded by green trees on the sides. It is at the height of 8400 feet so you will get cool breeze throughout the year. You can sit here for a while and ponder upon the magic of nature. The grace of this place will take you to another world through the peaceful atmosphere prevalent. There are safe trekking options nearby that you can explore. You can go for walk in the woods close by and feel the freshness in the air.

Jama Masjid Shopian

It is a mosque across Pir Panjal, built during the Mughal period. Believed to be the gateway of the Mughals to and from Kashmir, as they would stop by to pray. Architecture and woodwork are so neat and clean; you can estimate the fine craftsmen that must have done the job of constructing it. It serves as an important landmark and is a major tourist attraction.

Kounsarnag Lake

It is situated in the Panjal mountains on south of Kashmir, at the height of 4000m, the Kounsar lakemay get frozen even during the summer months. The Vishav river is a tributary of the Kaunsarnag lake about 3 km long in size. The river Vishav joins the Jhelum after Bijbehara.

Avantishwar Temple

This is a prominent Hindu temple in the region. Located in the village Jawbrari, it was built in 9th century. The construction was done under the instructions of King Awanti Verma. In the temple prayers are offered to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. The stone structure is still intact so you must see this temple to know more about ancient architecture on the region under Hindu rulers.


It is a tourist spot from where the entire area can be seen in single glance. The place can be reached by car as it lies on the highway itself. The valley around feels like a painting of a fine artist.

Payech Temple

This temple has been very sacred and thronged by devotees all the year round. Dating back to 10th century it is a masterpiece of architecture of that era. You can see the stone work so intricately that many may not be able to do it today without the use of machinery. It has been carved out of a monolith stone if a massive size. The work reflects dedication among the craftsmen of that era.


3 kms from the main township this is a tourist spot. The last ruling King Maharaja Hari Singh; of Jammu and Kashmir had created this place to enjoy wildlife. He used to come here to do some hunting of the Kashmiri stag, commonly found in the region. You can also stroll around and experience the nature around you.

Asar Sharief Pinjoora

This religious site is believed to have the relics of Prophet Mohammed, so it is considered sacred by many. People visit this place all the year round and the relics are put on public display on the events of special occasions.

Activities In Pulwama

You can indulge in river rafting, boating or trekking in the summer season. You can enjoy snow skating and snow-boarding in the winter season. You can stroll around the region to enjoy the greenery and waterfalls. You can laze around at the lake area or have a picnic on the waterfall. You can enjoy with the family or enjoy alone time. You can also do shopping in the local market. You will get the best and fresh saffron; as it is grown here in the region. You will also get good dry fruits and woollen clothes.

Best Time To Visit In Pulwama

For outsiders the winter season may become too much to bear, so the best season is to go in summers. You will see fresh and clear water in the lakes, rivers and waterfalls. But if you want to enjoy winter sports you can go in winters. Gear up properly for the winter season as the temperatures can easily go below 0 degree Celsius at night in winters. The lakes may freeze and the waterfall may also become a little lesser in force as the water comes from ice, which melts lesser in the winter season.

A word of advice for the tourists in the region would be not to wander off into the interior parts alone. Please take a local person or guide along with you; when you go trekking or explore the forests. For outsiders all the paths may look the same as the dense forests seem the same, also there are wild animals in the woods. The people in the interior areas may not know good english so as to guide you back to the town if you are lost. So best would be to book a package and enjoy hassle free.

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