Sanasar, Jammu & Kashmir

Vacations are all about being close to nature. It’s about relaxation and spending your valuable time with your family. Sanasar is one such travel destinations for tourists. The destination gets its name from two different villages in Jammu and Kashmir – Sana village and Sar village. The place is a beautiful meadow that is cup-shaped and rested in between green valleys of J&K.

For people who like nature, and privacy, Sanasar can be described as their best heaven. The place is a preferred destination and has been for many years in the past. People often travel to Sanasar for enjoying their perfect family vacation. When in Sanasar you get a chance to get involved in all types of leisure activities like camping, bonfire, trekking, sports, winter games and much more.

The list of activities for tourists can certainly get endless as new tour operators are getting more innovative. Paragliding and hunting games are some of the most recent activities that are introduced here.

The place is also known for its wide coverage of forest areas with a good collection of coniferous trees that are densely populated in the valleys.

Apart from this, the place is also identified by its exotic collection of herbs, flowers and other scenic beauty. For an average tourist, Sanasar is also considered as an ideal vacation spot. For nature lovers, this place is simply exotic.

Tourist Attraction in Sanasar – Sightseeing, and Activities

Sanasar is a high elevated region of Jammu and Kashmir region of the country. The place is also identified as one of the most preferred quaint hill stations of all time. The place is located nearby to the Patnitop part of the state.

The most astonishing landscapes sights are available here in Sanasar. You may get to enjoy the wide range of landscapes including mountain tops, high cliffs, forest covers, green meadows and much more.

So if you plan to enjoy your vacation in a perfect manner then you should consider Sanasar. The place is very much peaceful and quiet as most regions in Jammu and Kashmir state and you may never find yourself surrounded by civilization.

This means that you can always enjoy your vacation within your privacy. There are a number of destinations in Sanasar that are isolated from human civilization, so if you want to explore and be adventurous then Sanasar is the right tourist destination for you. The entire terrain is covered with high mountain peaks and lowlands like meadows. So it is a perfect place for anyone who likes to enjoy paragliding type of sport.

This is a tourist destination that has the power to test your vacation and other skills like hiking, trekking, paragliding and much more. There certainly is no limit to activities that can be enjoyed here at the Sanasar.

History of Sanasar

As far as the history of Sanasar is concerned, this is a place that has been identified by its twin lakes and villages – the Sana and the Sar. The two lakes are located at a distance of about 20 kilometers from the Jammu province. The place can also be reached by the J&K state national highway route number 1A. the place is located at a height of 2050 meters that is above the sea level.

So it has always been a preferred destination for tourists even in the past. The place had also been famous for its mining activities in the past. And presently this place is known to hide a number of open and closed mines within its mountain ranges and valleys.

The place has also been associated with a number of sports in the past. Salasar is also a well-known destination amongst pilgrims as there are a number of traditional Kashmiri temples here that are traditional and worshipped. You may be delighted to visit the Famous Nag Dev Mandir which is believed to be over 400 years old place of worship for Hindu religion.

Best Place For Hindu Pilgrims

The traditional Sanasar has managed to maintain its pilgrimage spots for tourists as well. There are a number of ancient temples that still stand high and are worshipped by hundreds of pilgrims to date. One main benefit is that you may never find the temples and religious places overcrowded here in Sanasar.

You can get a chance to visit the famous Shank Pal Mandir which is also one of the best tourist destinations of Sanasar. Apart from this, you can visit the Shank Pal ridge which is a five-hour trekking distance for tourists. You can also visit the NBag mandir that is over 600 years old Hindu temple and is made in honor of worshipping the King Cobra.

Splendid open sky views

The moment you visit Sanasar, you can not expect your journey to be completed until you have experienced the night time sky. The view can be life-changing for many. You can take the opportunity to travel along with your family and friends and then spend your entire night camping out in the open valleys.

Bonfire and other camping activities can be organized by your travel operator in advance for you. The golf course here is also one of the best spots if you want to enjoy the night sky view out in the dark.

Green Valleys

Sanasar is one of the tourist destinations that is known for its wide coverage of open greens. The place as a number of valleys and ridges, that offer the best view of nature and its beauty. Travelers often like to travel to this destination so they get a chance to be adventurous and exploring.

Food and culture in Sanasar

Sanasar holds its past culture of enjoying all types of foods. You can enjoy the rich taste of spices, herbs, saffron, cardamom, cloves and much more. No matter what food you prefer – mutton, chicken or seafood, Sanasar has everything for everyone.

You can also enjoy all types of fruits and vegetables that are seasonal here. The people of Sanasar believe in offering rich hospitality and welcome to tourists. When in Sanasar you can also select your stay with top rates of star hotels and lodges. There are many star Rated Restaurants that offer traditional and mixed cuisine for tourists.

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