Sonmarg, Jammu & Kashmir

Finally, now that you have made up your mind to explore the best of the place in Kashmir which surely will not disappoint you and yes we are talking about Sonmarg, it surely will be an amazing experience. Located in the Ganderbal district, Sonmarg is a lovely place of Jammu and Kashmir which is also a popular destination just like Pahalgam and Gulmarg.

It is also popular by the name of a meadow of gold which is why when you are here you will be in love with the place. A perfect blend of rich culture, loving people, scenic beauty, Sonmarg has got so many things that probably; you may have to extend your vacation too.

About Sonmarg

Sonmarg tourism is at peak especially during the summer season which is from March to September because the rest of the months; it is all covered in the blanket of snow. This is a valley and home to make people. It offers different peaks such as Amarnath Peak, Kolhoi Peak, and Sirbal Peak which most of the trekkers especially look forward to exploring.

The place is around 85kms far from Sonmarg and can be an awesome experience if you choose for a self-drive because of the scenic beauty and the snow-capped mountains from both sides that you will enjoy.

There is no denial of the fact that Sonmarg is a beautiful place but if you are not even sure what all cones you must be exploring your trip to this place will e incomplete. This place is located in the Kashmir valley. So you have to expect a lot of trekking to enjoy.

But the town surely has a picturesque beauty and that is the main reason why it is one of the highest-earning areas in tourism of the state Jammu and Kashmir. This place has the Himalayan Mountains imposed that are quite tall and stand still in the backdrops with the gushing storms. Thanks to the river crisscrossing the town with a pristine device, this place offers many adventurous things to do.

Adventure Activities in Sonmarg

You can do a lot of sports activities such as skiing, trekking and even cycling here is popular. Snowboarding and hiking are manageable only the experts. Even if the terrain is rough but this place has been attracting so many tourists each here because of the scenic heaven that it offers You must explore some of the worth places in and around Sonmarg that includes Krishansar, Amarnath Temple, Vishansar, Zojila Pass, Krishansar, Gangabal Lakes, and Gadsar to name a few.

History of Sonmarg

Sonmarg holds great history and there is no denial to the fact that its rich and charming beauty was still then. Taking you back to the history of Sonmarg, there are some of the great fears of life and ethos of Sonmarg People. You may come across some of the antique occasion’s traces that had happened there once. There is also a superlative mode that gives you a belief that Sonmarg holds a deep history that everyone would look forward to exploring someday.

Talking about Sonmarg History, it surely had ancient importance. There was an entrance at the early of the Silk Road which had a Giljit along with China and Kashmir joining with other gulf nations.

Even Zojila pass had a history which lies in the 15kilometes and has the most badges of the road carriage. It is also said to e the campsite for Ladakh national highway. This is a place known as the Meadow of gold because of the aspects that were unpolluted which was surely as pure as the gold.

Best Places to Visit in Sonmarg

1. Nilagrad River

This is another popular place and ideally a picnic spot for many locals of the Kashmir. It is known for the scenic setting that is located around 6km far from Sonmarg. This place is known because of its red water and is said to hold many medicinal properties. Some people often have a holy bath in this river.

2. Zoji La Pass

This is one of the important link connecting Ladakh and Kashmir. It is always known to e covered in snow thick layers. But this pass earlier is said to be captured by Pakistan which later Indian team recaptured it. This place is said to be the highest land where tanks were used to a great extent. When you are at Zojila it surely will be out of the world experience.

3. Vishansar Lake

This place is located in the vicinity of Sonmarg. It is said to e quite of a stretch and holds great importance for the Kashmiri pundits. This lake freezes in the winter seasons but if you visit during summer, you will find this lake all surrounded by the green grass where you can enjoy watching the flocks of sheep grazing too.

Culture of Sonmarg

People here are as loving as nature. Sonmarg is just incredible and at its best with the colorful culture that you get to see. The place is known to be a lovely embroidery destination that even to date many people wear. You can enjoy some of the traditional dances, folk music and even the festivals which are said to be an integral part of the Sonmarg people.

In the time of summer, it is believed that many people always looked forward to enjoying festivals and concerts and Sonmarg. But you can be a part of paradise festival and even the snow festival which is carried out on a large scale that highlights the place culture. The festival is also a great platform for all those talents ho want to showcase their ability which is why a large number of tourists have been visiting the place.

Food of Sonamarg

Foodies, here is great news for you. Sonmarg is one of those places that have an array of menus that you may not see elsewhere. This place has the perfect ambiance and serene environment with some great hospitability and friendly staff service. This place lets you relax while enjoying the mouth relishing Kashmiri cuisines in most of the restaurants.

Be a part to enjoy local cuisines like Gogji, Syoon Olav, Modur Pulaav, Marcha-Wangan korma, Kaanti, and even Matschgand to name a few that are worth.

Tourist Cafeteria, Hotel Tranquil Retreat, and Shahjahan Restaurant to name some are the popular Restaurant where you can enjoy the fresh bit of these local cuisines and that too without emptying your pocket at all. It is now time to pack your bag and explore the beauty of Sonmarg which surely is worth and mesmerize for you.

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