Tarsar Marsar Lake

We all know what lies in the beauty of Jammu and Kashmir. Now the point that comes is what all things you would want to cover when you are in Kashmir Needless to say those common areas like Srinagar, Dal Lake, Shallen Bagh, Gulmarg, and Sonmarg to name some will get covered in a matter of 3 to 4 days.

But then what’s next? Well, if you are planning for a big trip to Kashmir then probably, you must explore even the unseen untouched beauty which you might not have seen elsewhere. Talking of which, the Tarsar Marsar twin lake trekking is one such ideal spot. There are so many incredible areas that you might not have even got elsewhere Tarsar Marsar is one such amazing destination.

Know More About Tarsar Marsar Lake

Tasar and Marsar are two twin lakes that are located at a high altitude of the alpine lakes. It lies in the vicinity of each other but is only separated because of the mountains. They are surely quite close to one another and almost share some of the similar physical characteristics too which is why they are popular by the name of twin sisters.

There has always been draining of Tsar lake in and out in the river called Lidder while the Marsar lake flows in the other direction of the Tasar lake and which later gets merged in the Dal lake, Srinagar. Most of the locals in Kashmir usually refer to Tasar and Marsar as the most ideal trek spot that can take you to the heart of Kashmir. It also will let you closely see the heavenly view with the rich culture and tradition that you may not find elsewhere.

Tasar And Marsar Trekking

For most of the adventurous people, trekking has always been the top-notch priority in Kashmir other than snowboarding in winter. People plan for their summer holidays to do trekking in Kashmir only because of the amazing view and great challenges with new species of plants and animals to notice. The trekking in valleys of Kashmir gives a great experience as you get exposed to the beautiful views here.

Of course, this trekking is lovely and can beat the treks with beauty. Take it from day one when you enter Aru, this place is just heaven. The lush pine forest and the Lidder river with the glittering feeling are what you can enjoy. You can plan to stay in the village to explore the beauty of the people closely.

Don’t be enthralled to see this beauty as it is just one point. The lake can leave you awestruck and will indulge you in the sheer beauty which is why you will have the most amazing time. Tarsar Marsar Trek is quite challenging and a convenient option. In the rugged mountains, your challenges begin and you have to reach the destination before the sunset.

Reason To Do The Trek

Off all the treks, now you may wonder why the stress is more on the Tarsar, Marasar trek, well here are the reasons

1. Explore Three Lakes At A Time

There are three lakes that you can view once you complete the trek which is Tasar and Marsar and Sundarsar. These are gems of the lake with clean and blue water. Once you reach the destination, you will feel how worth it is as its serene calmness and beauty will just melt your heart.

This type of trek will help you see Tasar from different angles and give you a vibe more of the painting picture. Talking about the Marsar lake, it is all covered with the snow mountains from all three sides and is said to have a rugged mountain in the background. The sunrise and sunset of the lake can give the most enthralling experience.

2. Planning For The Campsites Beside Lakes

Not every tourist will be lucky to do this because of the weather here which is unpredictable and snowy the most. But yes, camping beside the lake is the most amazing experience. It gives you the picturesque view that you surely shall mesmerize for the rest of your life.

The two campsites one at Marsar Lake and others at the Tarsar Lake should be differently experienced. One lets you have a stay in the Snowclad Mountains lap while the other gives you an experience of lush green grassland. This type of view is something you definitely would not want to miss out and which suffice it to say is quite rare to be seen elsewhere in India.

3. Exquisite View Of Kashmir

During your trek to the Tarsar Marsar, you will come across meadows that will remind you of the meadows that are quite popular like Ali Bugyal and Vedni Bugyal if you had been there. These meadows give you the most fascinating experience throughout the trek and which is why it is advised for you to at least experience the walk through the trails of these meadows.

Walking barefoot if the climate is not chilled is advised to feel nature more closely. The campsite on meadows can also be a great experience where if you are lucky, you might see some of the most unique species of butterflies and insects.

Of all other treks that you might have seen so far, Tasar and Marsar trek is the convenient one. It is an easy level grade trekking which kids and adjust can do without much problem. For experienced trekkers, of course, this should not be a problem at all.

The trekking trailers are quite short with a distance of around 5 to 6 km between the two camps. Of course, it is not a challenging walk for you at all and you don’t even have to worry about the morning sickness too. Now that you have the whole list of things you should be doing at Tarsar and Marsar visit, make sure you do the packing accordingly. If it is trekking in your mind then you must plan things in that way only.

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