Top 15 Traditional Kashmiri Cuisine

The snow-covered mountains, enthralling valleys and pristine, almost holy environment, all make Kashmir what it's justly known as, ‘Paradise on Earth’. However, the attractive state isn't about its angelic beauty but one thing way more tantalizing. Yes, you guessed it right.

It’s Kashmiri Food that steals the show, a minimum of for all the food lovers and foodie travellers out there. Even as its people, culture and landscape, Kashmiri Food is additionally wealthy however easy and various yet evincing a definite identity.

Their cuisine that relies on vegetables, meat and rice, makes use of a lot of yogurts, cardamom, cloves and fennel powder to flavour their fragrant dishes. The use of mustard oil as their cooking medium and Kashmiri red hot pepper powder which provides off that distinct deep red hue to the Kashmiri Food is just outstanding, to mention the least.

So, before the drool seeps out and wets the carpet, lets quickly find out about the assorted delicious Kashmiri dishes that you just should indeed taste at least once in your life.

1. Kulcha

What better way to begin your cuisine journey within the valleys of Kashmir than with its breakfast staple of Kulcha. Nope. it's not the regular Kulcha that you just find almost all over in Northern India but is an exclusive creation only found in Jammu & Kashmir.

Made up of a mixture of flour and refined flour, it's a baked goodies, that's sauteed during an ancient kiln. crispy on the outside, it's a soft interior that's best eaten smeared with butter and with an accompaniment of Kaahwa or Sheer Chai.

2. Dum Aaloo

Be it birthdays, festivals or any day calling for a luxurious treat, Kashmirs forever rely on these oh so yummy food. cooked and deep-fried to a golden crisp covering, potatoes are then sauteed with a swish red gravy that's enough to create any home smell intoxication good.

The other version of this Kashmiri Food is with yogurt gravy. Of course, the potatoes don't seem to be the small miser sized as popular for dum aloo, however hearty massive ones, similar to their connoisseurs.

3. Rogan Josh