Gulmarg is a well-known winter sport destination in India. This summer getaway spot is one of the top skiing sites for extreme adventure lovers. Perching at a height of 2730m from mean sea level, this snow-covered Himalayan beauty is flourishing with evergreen forest filled valleys, flower meadows, deep ravines, and the Himalayan backdrop.

In 1927, Gulmarg was a ski resort for the British officers. In the past, Mughal kings sought the climate of this region during summer. Today, Gulmarg is one of the famous honeymoon and adventure destinations. Gulmarg boasts adventure activities like gondola ride, skiing, mountaineering, trekking, snowboarding, and others.

Choose winter to enjoy the winter wonderland and the snow activities. Choose the short-lived summer to enjoy exotic green valleys and the fresh air. Autumn comes with the blooming season. The valleys will be filled with flowers, the viewpoints will be pleasing, and the climate will be welcoming. This is the time to enjoy colors in Gulmarg. Do you know that the Gulmarg’s cuisine varies from its surrounding regions? Their cuisine is rich with Kashmiri Islamic dishes. The best of all is the salted tea, which is pink in color.

Defining Gulmarg with one style of vacation is quite hard. It is all about what you wish to see in Gulmarg and what you want to add to it. Travelogy India is providing Gulmarg Tour Packages covering every type of traveler in you like solo explorer, family tourist, honeymooner, adventurist, photo-enthusiastic, and many more.

Gulmarg surely places that you can be explored with your family, friends or even with our partner to have the best time of your life. So what are you waiting for? It is no time to book your trip soon and have fun because Gulmarg is one such place that has simply been providing the people with some great experience be it in terms of food, activities, and even the shopping. Blessed with a heavy amount of snow, Gulmarg is surely the best one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gulmarg is called as the Ski station of India for obvious reasons. This place is said to be an incredible one that offers a wide range of skiing opportunities that surely will be loved by you when you visit here next time. With the company of Nature, Gulmarg is said to be the best location you can ever explore in the Kashmir valley.

This place is best to be captured during the snow season when there is quite a lot of snowfall too. You can surely enjoy the best of the scenic beauty of Gulmarg from your lounge or even be part of it on live while rekindling your romance with the partner. This is a ski terrain surely because of the sleek and slope mountains that are present. But it is also a fact that only competent experts are allowed to be part of this incredible activity.

Guari marg was the original name of this place which was named after the Hindu goddess called the Devi Gauri. It was later known to be Gulmarg which Sultan Yusuf Shah had placed since it means meadowed of flowers. The place was explored before the 16th century but since then it had always been the favorite of many kinds because of different collections of flowers that use to blossom here every season.

During the era of the Mughal emperor as well, it was only the Gulmarg flowers that were brought in the garden. Later in 1927, Birstisbers started establishing this place as a ski club and to date, the same ritual is followed especially during Christmas seasons.

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