Top Things to do in Gulmarg

We all know the popularity of the State Jammu and Kashmir all across the world. No, be that Sonmarg, Gulmarg or the Pahalgam, the beauty of Kashmir in these hilly mountains is impeccable too. Here we shall be talking more on Gulmarg. This beautiful place is all covered with the flower meadows and in the snow; there is a snow-capped mountain that you shall witness all the time.

Summer is the best season to explore Gulmarg since it is all flocked with beautiful flowers. But if you love adventure then probably, you might want to visit Gulmarg in winter to enjoy Ski. The choice is all yours but yes, when you are in Gulmarg, listed is some of the beautiful signs and activities that you must do to make your experience a memorable one.

Best Time to Visit

Before you just pack your bag and head to the most increasing view of Gulmarg, you need to understand that this place is located in Kashmir which is, of course, snowy all the time. The best time is in September when you can enjoy the Gondola ride while there are also months from Mid December to February when you can enjoy the snow activities such as snowboarding and skiing too.

The weather is quite pleasant here. There are some of the light woolens that you may need if you planning for a trip from March to September too. In the winter season, you can experience the drop of temperature to –4°C.

Places To Visit In Gulmarg

If you have it all done with your bags packing and all the tickets are already booked but you still not sure what all popular places should you be exploring then surely this list can be of great help to you.

1. Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve

The flora and fauna of the Gulmarg reserve are quite mesmerizing. This place is said to be the house of many species and which is why it has been grabbing the attention of many tourists too. For wildlife lovers, this place is just marvelous.

There is a blossoming of biodiversity which is a witness in its richest form by many people. Some green herbs give the whole of the sanctuary a pleasant appearance. So make sure when you plan your trip, you don’t forget to carry your camera otherwise you will miss out on the animals in scenic settings.

Some of the major attractions are Brown Bear, Hangul, Red Fox, and Brown Bear to name some. The biosphere reserve is also said to be the heaven of many fascinating species. There is quite a bunch of population to many migratory birds too. Talking of which Kashmir Roller, Blue Tock pigeon, and Griffon culture to name some are quite known.

2. Gulmarg Gondola

Be it the senior citizens or kids, to explore the meadows of flowers, a ride through Gondola is always a worth. It offers the most incredible beauty that you may not see elsewhere. It is believed that Gulmarg Gandola is a popular tourist attraction and has the highest cable car in the world.

The construction of Phase 1 cable car was operation from 1998 while phase 2 started in the year 2005. Previously there was also a cable char in the chairlift form but as the government of J and K took it to the commercial visit, the constitution then boosted the popularity of the state. From Gondola ride, you shall surely enjoy the view of Khilanmarg and Gulmarg too.

3. Strawberry Field

For Strawberries lover here is good news for you. There are some places at Gulmarg where if you are lucky, you will be able to pluck around Strawberries. This place is also a popular destination for shooting Bollywood films.

It is said to be the most iconic place in Gulmarg travelers all across the world, make it a point to visit this pristine area of Gulmarg or even enjoy a pony ride a halt to this place is made for you.

4. Alpather Lake, Khilanmarg

Located like 13 kms far from Gulmarg this is a popular lake that I located at the Apharwat peaks of Nun and Kun foot. This lake is said to be quite chilly weather even gets frozen in the winter seasons with some magnificent views to capture too.

Duck is often seen to walk instead of swimming in the lakes. Besides in the summer season, the lake is all covered in the blanket of lovely flowers under the shade of some good trees. This is the best surreal lake and also the ideal place for poets and photographers too.

5. Ningli Nallah

This is another well-known place in Gulmarg that you make it a point to visit. This place is located 10km from Gulmarg and is not just any random mountain steam. It flowers from the snow-capped mountains and has the greenery on all sides.

The formation of water is from the ice that meat from Alpather Lake and the peak of Apharwat. Right after it passes from the valleys and mountains the steam then gets mixed to the river Jhelum and of course, you know how wonderful it must be looking. In case, you want to have a day counting with your family then you might probably want to visit this place.

6. Gulmarg Golf Course