Jammu and Kashmir are two beautiful places where you must visit at least once in your lifetime. There are so many things to do in Jammu and if you are curious about starting for a trip to Jammu, then listed are some of the best things you can do when you are here.

But before that, you must understand and get a clear idea about Jammu and how you can have the best of your time without being disappointed. If you are planning to go on a honeymoon, adventurous trip or just to have a relaxing time at Jammu, be any reason, you surely will not be disappointed with being a part of Jammu.

If you have finally made up your mind to explore the Jammu, then probably, you must get a brief detailing about Jammu Tour. Well from February till June, Tour in Jammu is quite at peak. And if you are also planning to make your bookings in the same span, then make sure that you do it well in advance to not get disappointed or missing out on the right deal on your favorite hotel. The city of Jammu has been named right after the brother of Bahu who was a local chieftain whose name was Jambu Lochan.

Jammu is known for the rich topography and has some of the best snow-laden hills and even undulated meadows and orchards with the mountain breeze that gives a vibe of freshness that you may not find elsewhere. There are so many popular tourist attractions of Jammu that surely would range from the sites that are religious to the palaces that are quite grand.

It is time to enjoy a retreating experience on your honeymoon and even have the best of your time celebrating your vacation with loved ones at this beautiful destination called Jammu. With huge scenic mountains and mouth relishing food in the company of loving people, Jammu’s Tour is the best to explore. Vaishno Devi Mandir, Mansar Lake, Bahu Fort, Raghunath Temple, Amar Mahal, and Purmandal to name a few are some of the best options to explore.

History of Jammu

In the middles ages, it is believed that Jammu was prospered. There had been significant changes in the Delhi rule and even when Lahore passed out without disturbing the town affluence, Jammu got a stronghold. The land of Jammu is highly cultivable and it has never been depopulated at all. Talking about the history, the state of Jammu was previously under the Muslims and Hindus ruling. It came out to be under the Mughal emperor ruling. Soon after the Afgan rule stopped in 1756, then Jammu came under Punjab called the Sikh Kingdom. However, Ranjit Singh had undergone so many changed and needless to say, the post that Jammu and Kashmir had been in the target of a single political entity.

Best Places to Visit in Jammu

1. Mubarak Mandi Palace

This is said to be a royal palace which has been framed because of the archeological significance that it holds. The astonishing stories of this have said be elaborating the blend of exemplary Rajasthani with European influences. There are so many elements like Pink hall houses and even the Shesh mahal that you can enjoy here

2. Raghunath Temple

This is another popular temple that most of the people plan to cover during their visit to Jammu and Kashmir. The construction of this Temple was started in the year 1822 and lasted till 1860 which initiated by Maharaja Gulab Singh and ended by his heir Maharaja Ranbir Singh. The temple came into limelight when it was attacked in the year 2002 and is said to be the temple of deity Lord Rama.

3. Vaishno Devi Temple

It is believed by Hindus that a Hindu shrine called Vaishno Devi temple which has been dedicated to Mahalaxmi who is Hindu goddess has been residing in that. It is usually thronged by so many people each year. It has also been stated that there are devotees who believed that this temple make their wishes come true for sure.

4. Mansar Lake

If you are a water person then surely you would enjoy spending a camping time with your loved ones at Mansar lake. This lake is all loaded with the denser deodar forest and has some of the magnificent chestnut trees and soaring Pine Company that surely would not make you bore.

5. Bahu Fort

This is another popular fort that you may want to explore. It is said to be the right combination of ancient endowment with the contemporary structure. Located in the middle of nature, it is said to be an idyllic place in Jammu to visit with your loved ones.

Things to By in Jammu

Other than this, Amar mhala and pee Kho cave are some of the good spots that you may want to explore when you are in Jammu. Surely these are the places that will not disappoint you at all.

If you love shopping then surely, you must have a good money n pocket because Jammu is a place that surely would give you a great shopping platform. There are so many things you can buy here. Some as gifts, some as a memory for yourself while some as the worth things that you may not find elsewhere.

Talking of which, you can shop for Dry fruit and spices, Antique silver jeweler, Antique silver jewelry, Pashmina Shawls, Papier mache products, and Carpets to name a few that are worth to buy. The carpets are well made from the natural product under the finest workmanship which is why you will not be disappointed at all.

What to Eat in Jammu

If you are a foodie person, well then here is the good news for you. Jammu has got many incredible restaurants for you to enjoy. Talking of which you can have Kasrod (fiddlehead fern), Rajma chawal (kidney-beans and rice), Kalaadi kulcha, and Nutri-kulcha to name a few that you may not get elsewhere but are worth to try out.

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