Top 10 Places to visit in Jammu

Jammu region is one of the impeccable places located in the heart of the state Jammu and Kashmir, India. It is known for the enchanting mountains and Vaishno Devi Temple that holds quite an important religious importance for the Hindus too.

But Jammu is not just restricted to this, as there are so many other popular attractions that you must explore before you plan your trip to Kashmir.

Listed below are some of the impeccable attractions that you must add in your to-do bucket list once you book your tickets to Jammu. This definitely will make your vacation a complete stay in this lovely city too. Right from markets to the forts and temples and lakes, there are so many amazing things.

1. Raghunath Temple

Raghunath Temple is a well known Hindu shrine a highlight of Jammu city too. This temple is said to be one of the most crowded ones because of the tourist's visitors.

It is claimed that the temple was built at the beginning of the nineteenth century by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. It is a merge of small temples which together have the architecture that has the same spire. It has been differentiated in terms of height.

The styling in terms of architecture clearly shows the Mughal and Sikh styling blend. Other than the architecture it is also the overall look of the temple, paintings within that grab the attention of Bhagavad Geeta, Mahabharat, and Ramayana. You can visit the temple between 6 to 8 pm and there is no amount to be paid.

2. Manda Zoo

This is a perfect family vacation trip in the Jammu city which you can plan. If you are planning to bring kids along with you, then definitely they are going to have a magnificent time.

This zoo is spread across all the wide areas and has the exhibit lists. If you are lucky you may see Python and Sambhar too. Other than this porcupine, Hog deer, barn owl, and black partridge to name some are the animals that you can spot in this zoo.

There is an entry fee INR 20 per head for adults and for children it is INR 10 per head and visiting timing is 9 am – 6 pm and Tuesday is closed.

3. Peer Kho Cave

This cave is popular because of the temple built inside it. If you search online, you will find this as one of the must-visit places in Jammu city and indeed it is. This place is one of the oldest ones which as bee recorded in the archaeological record too.

It is believed that this place was built in the 15th century and still has remained intact. This is what has grabbed the attention of the tourists too. It was built in the regaining of Raja Ajaib Dev.

The courtyard of the temple is quite massive and in Diwali, there is a huge celebration by Hindus. You can surely visit this place from 5 am and is open till 7 pm that too free of cost.

4. Bahu Fort

Jammu is also called the Getaway of Heaven and undoubtedly it is true because of the natural blanket of snow and greenery that you can see. This city has the Bahu fort which is quite magnificent. It is not exactly in Jammu but just 5 km far from the city.

This tall and sturdy fort is located on the Tawi River and was constructed by Raja Bahucholan quite a long time ago. It is beloved that this fort is more than 3000 years old monument but surely its shine is still the same. There are many stories of this fort.

Legends believe that when Jammu city was being constructed it was only the Bahru fort that was connected to this place. When the king of the city had gone to a haunting trip, he got an idea of making the divine location as the capital and that is how this peaceful place existed.

This fort has the temple of Goddess Kali temple and it is said that her reincarnation took place here. The locals often call this place as Bave Wali Mata Temple.

5. Mubarak Mandi Palace

Known for the amazing architecture, this palace is the most significant one. If you see closely you will notice that it has the design with a perfect blend of Mughal, Rajasthan and European influences. It is a well-known segment of the Dogra Art Museum.

This is one of the oldest buildings which dates back to 182 and is said to have some of the specimens too from different ages which is why it is one of the popular ones in today’s time.

6. Bahu Garden

For weekend getaways, the locals of Jammu plan to visit this place for a picnic. This place is known to be located close to the Tawi River and has some of the magnificent flowers to explore. There is a dedicated walkway that has been designed to keep you stay connected and bring you close to the essence of nature too.

Some tourists and locals specifically make it a point to visit this place for photography. It is said to be the popular place in Jammu because of the since charm and also the aquarium of fish-shaped which is unique too. You can visit here between 6 am to 8 pm by paying fees of Rs 5 as an entrance fee.

7. Poly Art Museum

This is another popular attraction in Jammu that you might want to have a look at. It is also popular by the name of Dogra art museum whose entry fee is just Rs. 10. This popular art gallery has got some of the magnificent culture and food habits and heritage monuments and remnants to witness.

It is also called heaven for history and art lovers as they get to observe many things now be that the Pahari miniature paintings or collection of 7,000 plus objects to name some. You can visit here from 10 in the morning till 5 in the evening as per your feasibility.

8. Balidan Stambh

This war memorial is a homage to the soldiers. The tower was made to honor that military personally who lost their lives in the battle of the Indo Pak war that happened post-independence. Currently, Jammu is a destination where you can see this pillar in the shape of a bayoneted rifle.

It signified the brave soldiers who fought in the war. Just like other memorials, you can also see an eternal flame that shows the brave sacrifices immortality. If you are on the nighttime you might be able to witness the light & sound show which army performs.

Now that you have all the must-visit places in your hand ready, it is time to pack your bag and head towards the impeccable journey to Jammu city and then also explore the Kashmir city if time permits but yes, this heaven of hearth should be visited at least once in a lifetime and of course you will not be able to forget it ever.

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