Raghunath Bazaar Jammu

Markets are always an amazing place to go. There is liveliness in the atmosphere. Raghunath baazar is famous for its dry fruit but you can get almost everything here. Here are a few things you can buy here:

  • Dry fruits:You must stake up on your protein content and good nutrients by buying some dry fruits. These dry fruits are the best snack you must gobble in your free time. You can add then raw or to your dishes. You may be amazed to know that your protein bar mostly has dry fruits. So you can try making a few at home with the fresh produce from here. When added to desserts hot or cold the nutty flavour is awesome. Cakes and pasteries get a zing to it, go fresh. Dates, almonds and cashews from this region are famous all over the world.

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  • Saffron: is a highly expensive but very useful spice. Grown in this region: you can get the purest produce you can take some home. Saffron from Kashmir is well known across the globe and a favourite among top chefs. It can be added to food or tea and gives a rich flavour and colour to the dish. It is used in face pack for ultimate inner beauty by many herbal product using beauticians. It is given to pregnant women so that the baby is fair at birth. Though these are tell tale stories, but actually saffron does have many good medicinal qualities.
  • Spices & Kahwa : Other than this you can choose to buy different spices which are pure produce of the area. Kashmiri tea is also very famous worldwide. It has a distinct flavour. As we all know that Kashmir is very cold throughout the year; this tea has herbs in it which help you fight against the chill and keep healthy from within. Kawah is basically cardamoms, cloves, cinnamon and saffron infused.
  • Wollens: you will get best woollen clothes. You can begin by shopping for shawls. These are stoles which look good with any attire. They are warm when you wrap them up and a fashion statement when you flare them around. The usage is totally up to you. You choose to buy entire suits matching these shawls too. These days there are many different designer dresses made from these shawls. One of the traditional dresses you can buy is a kaftans made from these shawls. The kaftan doesn’t just look good it keeps you warm too. Jammu and Kashmir is famous for its embroidery which mostly ladies do with their hand. It is very intricate and vibrant. Shawls available are made of different types of wool. Pashmina is a famous variety special to that region, made from hair of goat. Another speciality is yak wool or rabbit wool. They will need to be handled and stored with love and care. These are exquisite products only available in Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Carpets :They are locally made, from silk or wool generally. Persian design is made on them which give a highly elite class look. One of these in your drawing room brings life to your home. It reflects royalty in your life style and speaks high about your taste of decore without saying a word. . The price range varies according to the skill and raw material used. Once bought these carpets stay in good condition for a very long time. You will need to do some regular cleaning and then you can show off for quite some time. Yes it is a bulky product to carry home with you, but do not worry. Most of the shops will offer delivery to your doorstep at a small price.
  • Wooden Carving: it is also a speciality of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. You will find products made from wood of walnut tree mostly. They can be as small as souvenirs, jewellery boxes or as large as furniture. You can also choose to buy bangles made of wood for personal use or friends and family. The variety of tree used changes as per the product so produced and where it is going to be used. You can also see artistic pieces of craft to use in your garden or on your coffee table. Beautiful coasters can enhance the elegance of your dinner table.

Food Once You Are Done Shopping You Must Try the Local Delicacies

  • Rogan josh: it is the signature dish of Kashmir. It has a generous use of red chilies giving it the unique red colour. The dish is basically tender lamb cooked with spices, yogurt and brown onions. The taste is so awesome that it will leave you licking your finger and wanting more.
  • Dum Aloo:roasted potatoes which have been turned golden brown then they are added in curd based gravy. This dish has a blend of sweet and spicy at the same time. It tastes best when had with poori.
  • Yakhni lamb curry: it is ayogurt based preparation hence it is whitish upon being ready. Mawal flower and dry mint leaves are the secret ingredients in this dish. The spices used includes fennel, cardamoms both green and black. The green cardamoms give it a kick without the heat. It is very different and you must try.

So once in Raghunath Baazar you can get a glimpse of life of people of Jammu and Kashmir. You are bound to fall in love with their culture and food. The spices do get a little too hot but just be careful before eating. Also make sure to do some bargaining in shopping.

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