Top 15 Reasons to Visit Kashmir

Kashmir has been showered with immense beauty, a typical reason due to which most of the locations it offers, have turned out to attract millions of tourists across the globe. The beauty and charm of these places are quite appealing. Moreover, the fantastic view that it provides is the best thing to witness at least once in a lifetime.

From the stunning mountains to the pristine waters of the lakes, there are endless things to explored within this surreal state. Here are the Top Reasons you must-visit Kashmir while you plan on spending your vacation at the 'paradise on earth.'

1. Pristine Lakes

The numerous lakes situated in Jammu and Kashmir are quite stunning and crystal clear. Having a beautiful boat ride across these lakes will offer you a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscapes and the magnificent mountains that are covered by snow. This stunning backdrop is what makes the land of Jammu and Kashmir to be a real paradise on the planet.

  • Out of the unending list of pristine lakes situated in Kashmir, Dal Lake is considered to be one of the most popular tourist attractions.
  • Nagin Lake is also another peaceful and surreal lake that is known for offering an authentic experience to the visitors.
  • Kashmir is home to an enchanting Mansabal Lake that holds clean and pure water with mesmerizing flowers and water lilies that adds to its charm.

2. Adventure Hub

The destination is not just about the scenic views and landscapes but has a lot more to offer to the numerous tourists that travel throughout the year. If you are an adventure freak, then this place is truly the perfect destination for you. May it be trekking across the most challenging routes or enjoying skiing across the gigantic mountains, Kashmir is bound to provide a thrilling journey to every adventurer.

  • Among all these activities, the most recommended ones being trekking through the most famous Great Lakes and skiing in the beautiful place of Gulmarg.
  • Pahalgam is another perfect adventure hub for activities such as paragliding and skiing to enjoy a fun-filled leisure vacation.
  • The beautiful city of Gulmarg is one of the most recommended destinations to enjoy trekking through the most popular lakes.

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3. Friendly locals

Travelling to Kashmir and witnessing the ethereal beauty of the Kashmir Valley is way beyond one's imagination. However, the most beautiful aspect of this destination is the exceptional hospitality of the locals. While you enter this captivating paradise, you are most likely to be welcomed by the immense affection and warmth of the locals, and that will make you feel comfortable. The sense of togetherness and immense love offered by the beautiful and kind people of Kashmir will leave you touched.

4. Delicious Food

Not only does this place offer some magnificent and picturesque landscapes, but it also provides truly heavenly and delightful food that you might not get a chance to taste elsewhere. Some of the delectable delicacies offered by the stunning place of Kashmir include Ghoshtaba, Rogan Josh, Dum Aloo, and lot more. If you are in Kashmir, then you got to start your day with a steaming cup of Kahwah and end your fantastic evening with the delicious Noona Chai.

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5. Houseboats

Enjoying a stay in a traditional and majestic houseboat is a once in a lifetime experience that will turn out to be the most memorable one. These boats are not just stunning in their looks but also offers you with a stunning panoramic backdrop as you enjoy the relaxing ride across some of the most breathtaking lakes such as the great Dal Lake and the awe-inspiring Nageen Lake.

The houseboats also offer the visitors with Shikara ride where you get to enjoy various beautiful tourist attractions. The Shikaras are prominently known for providing the tourists with an unforgettable and eternal experience.

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6. Tulip Gardens

Enjoy the season of spring by visiting the mesmerizing tulip gardens that bring in bright colors to the stunning valleys. The one situated in Kashmir is the only tulip garden existing in the country and is therefore worth a visit.

  • The Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden is a magnificent garden full of pretty hybrid flowers that bloom, particularly in the spring season.
  • This sprawling garden is also famous for the amazing tulip festival that is carried out every year and is open to all the tourists around the world. The festival is mostly celebrated in April.

7. Wonderful winters

During the Winters, Kashmir turns out to be more breathtaking than ever, as it gets covered with white snow making the landscapes all the more appealing. The beautiful snowflakes falling onto the gorgeous scenery is a stunning view altogether. Do make sure to visit this beautiful white place mainly during the winters to catch a glimpse of the breathtaking sites of Kashmir.

Some of the best places to be witnessed during winter while in Kashmir are :

  • Zanskar region is considered to be one of the marvels of winter since it is quite famous for the various thrilling and adrenaline rushing treks that it offers.
  • As the winter approaches, the lakes start to freeze, and this makes it a perfect season to enjoy a fantastic boat ride across the pristine Lakes such as the famous Dal Lake as you get to witness beautiful snow-covered landscapes.
  • Gulmarg is also considered to be one of the best winter destinations since it offers a magnificent skiing area for winter sports lovers.

8. Shiv Khori

Shiv Khori is a natural cave located about 100 kilometers away from Jammu. This place is considered to be one of the most popular tourist attractions. It is widely known because of its form since it naturally resembles a shivling that is deemed to be a form of the mighty Lord Shiva. This mesmerizing and holy cave also has pictures of Sheshnag, who is a Hindu snake deity that is present on the roof.

9. Soothing Garden

One of the popular tourist attractions of Kashmir also includes the famous Shalimar Garden that was initially built by the great Emperor Jahangir to convey his love to his beloved wife, Noor. This destination also has a 'The Garden of Love' that is quite famous among the visitors. Apart from the exceptional beauty of the gardens, you will also get to witness some fantastic music and light shows that make these gardens all the more appealing.

10. Perfect Landscapes

One of the most apparent reasons why Kashmir is considered to be 'Heaven on earth' is due to the breathtaking landscapes that it offers the tourists. People from all around the world travel to this beautiful paradise to witness the gushing waters, lush green meadows, and the astoundingly high mountain ranges.

11. Second Highest Gondola Ride

The Gondola ride at Gulmarg is considered one of the major tourist hubs since it offers visitors a breathtaking and panoramic view of the magnificent landscapes that surround this surreal destination. As the ride goes higher and higher, you also get to witness the gigantic snow-draped mountains as it approaches the massive Apharwat Mountain.

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12. A fairy tale type poetic Autumn

Unlike how autumn is described most of the time, the autumn in Kashmir is quite delightful. During this season, the climate is slighter on the cooler side and not extremely cold, a typical reason due to which most tourists prefer travelling to Kashmir during this season. The trees lined up along the location turn into different shades of golden, and you tend to feel more comfortable around the place due to the warm and pleasant climate.

13. The Betaab Valley

The famous Betaab Valley, located in the land of shepherds – Pahalgam is one of the most renowned tourist spots. This breathtaking valley was tagged with the name after the famous Bollywood movie named Betaab. A further drive towards the valley will offer you with a mesmerizing sight of picturesque landscapes along with snow-capped mountains. You can either go by car, or you could simply opt for any kind of local transportation.

14. Shankaracharya temple

This sacred temple is located on a hill and is also among one of the most popular tourist attractions. This shrine is situated around Anantnag in Kashmir is known for attracting numeric tourists each year.

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Make sure to be a part of all the things mentioned above in the list. You will surely experience the true essence of Jammu and Kashmir and make the best out of your trip. It's always ideal for exploring the raw and unseen sides of a place to feel connected with it while indulging yourself in its surreal beauty.

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