Pahalgam is a destination to enjoy raw Himalayan nature untouched with modernity. This beautiful spot is encapsulated with alluring beauty of nature. The place is lush with green fields, saffron farms, small houses, and the world’s highest standing golf course. Pahalgam is a memorable place to enjoy an exotic and energetic vacation. People trek, explore, fish, ski, camp, enjoy picnic, and take part in other sightseeing or adventure activities to embrace the Himalayan experience.

For pilgrims, Pahalgam is the base camp for their trip to Amarnath Caves. For honeymooners, this is the place with captivating beauty that can kindle romance out of thin air. This mountain land is lush with pine forests flourished by the greenish-blue Sheshnag Lake and Lidder River.

Pahalgam has a subtle distinction when compared to the similar destinations in Kashmir. This place is the land of indigenous and hidden beauties. Pahalgam is for those who want to be surrounded by untouched nature. Just like the nature, the culture is also an exotic beauty. Pahalgam’s cuisine is as unique as its nature with lotus stem, rice pudding, fish cooked with radish, spicy meat gravy, and others. The traditional style of cooking brings out the flavor in this cuisine.

A typical vacation in Pahalgam includes adventure activities of your choice followed by exploring the local markets. If you are a pilgrim, you can take the Amarnath trekking trail or you can choose to explore Betaab Valley and other surrounding regions. Are you looking for Pahalgam Tour Packages to etch your memory with a postcard- perfect vacation?

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