Best Time to Visit Pahalgam

Pahalgam nestled in the lap of the Himalayan ranges at an altitude of 2130mts above sea level and enclosed by majestic mountains, glaciers, dense forests, and roaring rivers sets it is a wonder to explore on this earth. Very close to Srinagar just 95kms far away Pahalgam is located. The pristine beauty and the tranquil atmosphere of the place invites enthusiastic travelers from all over the world. Pahalgam’s beautiful lakes, Pine forests, Liddar valley, sacred Amarnath cave, and many natural attractions open doors for nature lovers to explore. Moreover, it is the best spot for adventurous acts like Skiing, trekking, mountaineering, camping, etc. Overall, it is a destination of binding all things that an ardent traveler likes to have.

But before you pack your bags you must know how the climate varies in different seasons. So to enjoy all the attractions of Pahalgam you need to pick the ideal time to visit. To know what is the best time to visit Pahalgam? Just follow the information mentioned below:

Best Season to Visit Pahalgam

In Summer (April to July)

Summers are the best time to explore the beauty of Pahalgam. During the times, the weather will be cool and not too hot. In summers, we can enjoy the outdoor activities happily with a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. Especially, those who want to explore the tourist attractions of Pahalgam must-visit during summers because it is a favorable time.

For Amarnath Yatra travelers also, the summer season is the best choice because snowfall doesn’t obstruct them.

Maximum Temperature : 30 0 C.

Minimum Temperature : 15 0 C.

In Monsoon (July to September)

Pahalgam receives moderate rainfall but not very intense. During the monsoons, the climate will be cool and humid so travelers can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere here. But the months of July and August Pahalgam receives a large number of devotees for Amarnath Yatra. That’s why during monsoons Pahalgam looks crowded. From the tourism point of view, you can enjoy outdoor activities like trekking, horse riding, boating, sightseeing, etc. The environment of Pahalgam during monsoons with lush greenery and scenic wonders seem to be very attractive.

Maximum Temperature : 32 0 C.

Minimum Temperature : 18 0 C.

In Winter (October to March)

During winters, Pahalgam receives great snowfall, which takes the temperature down to minus degrees Celsius. Maximum from October to February, Pahalgam receives the highest record snowfall and covers the entire place under the sheet of snow. Everything will turn in to the white with snowfall. If you love to experience the utmost snow means, winters are

the right choice to visit Pahalgam. Particularly, for snow adventure activities like skiing and ice skating, this is the best time to visit. Moreover, if you like to enjoy events like Christmas and New year you can happily visit Pahalgam. The celebrations will take place grandly.

Maximum Temperature : 12 0 C.

Minimum Temperature : -8 0 C.


If you go through you can understand that Pahalgam is a good destination to visit throughout the year. But someone like to visit during summers or some may during winters. Every season different from others with exciting tourist attractions. So as per your likes and dislikes, you can opt for the best season you want to visit. But overall which is the best time to visit means, March to October is the safe and comfortable time to explore Pahalgam.

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