Planning for a unique place around can always be trouble especially if you are not even sure what is the place popular for. But if you are heading to Jammu And Kashmir State then probably, you must not forget to visit Patnitop.

This place is one of the top-notch ones that you may come across. It has been known for the endless natural beauty which surely will give you the most amazing experience. But again, to have the best of these tourism services you first need to understand the place pretty well. Although this place is one of the trending ones but tills not many tourists have explored it. You might be the lucky one to explore the unseen and untouched beauty of Patnitop soon.

Known for the incredible views and measures with panoramic nature scenery to enjoy, Patnitop, is all covered with a snow sheet of Himalayas. It is one of the best places to enjoy camping too since nature and its beauty are quite wide and you shall have the most amazing time of your life.

The place is hardly populated so booking well in advance is not advised. Rather known for the rich culture and tradition, it makes no point to book a classy hotel rather you must stay in a place that can make you get close to the Patnitop culture easily. This place is best for people who want to rush far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The place is the right one for those amateur trekkers and skiers who never want to miss out on the best that nature gives. Patnitop is a hill station and most people who love adventure surely are aware of this place. The tourism here is well maintained which is why when you plan for a trip to Patnitop, you will be quite happy to be a part of the trip.

There are so many things that you can do here talking of which, there is one Naag mandir which is said to be 600 years old and is still quite intact and unique. People usually plan for the visit and even to enjoy a leisure walk. Some even or recreational activities like cycling. You can visit the destination anytime but to have a more pleasant experience, you should witness summer.

Talking more about the activities, since it is spread across the sceneries, you can surely enjoy skiing and trekking too.

There are some interesting after springs too that you can enjoy. Close to Patnitop is a Sansar which is located like 17kms far but it is best to be visited for a golf course and even enjoying a paragliding base while enjoying the sightseeing too. No doubt that you get the most splendid experiences and great views but you can have the best time while doing the adventurous activities.

History of Patnitop

Before you plan for a trip to Patnitop, you must also make yourself aware of the history. Covered with the lush of wooded pine forest, no doubt that this state is the best for traveling Kashmir and Jammu. It is located close to the Pir Panjal with an altitude of 2024 across. The place has been made from the distorted form of “Patan da Talab”, which also is said to be the Pond of Princess.

In accident times, it was believed that this pond existed in the pastures of the lush area in which there was a kingdom with pond and that is how its name existed. Later it was the Dogra King, Raja Dhruv who in the year 170 took the control on the town and has been the most popular till date simply because of the pond that is quite a scenic view to enjoy.

Culture Of Patnitop

India is a rich place known for a variety of cultures being ritually followed with respect. In spite of the religious beliefs and differences in the Culture, Patnitop has always managed to have a stable yet balanced lifestyle. It is said to be a rich cultural heritage from the times of Indo Aryans. There has been a blend of the region in this town which is why, you can enjoy different festivals being celebrated such as Lohri, Naag Panchami, Id-ul-Zuha, and Id-ul-Fiter to make a few.

The food that is served here on the festivals is quite rich and known for the great essence and flavors too. The cold climate in Patnitop has resulted in many people survive on meat. That is why you surely can enjoy a meaty delight as part of the culinary. People here also believe that different folk dances play a crucial role to maintain the culture. In these men and women both dress with vibrant colors, and there are traditional attires too.

Language Of Patnitop

Patnitop may look a small town but there is a unity in diversity which is why you will never be disappointed with being a part of this place. However, the most common language which is being spoken here is Dogri. Other than this, Hindi and Urdu are some of the common languages that are followed.

People thankfully are aware of communicating in English but not that great extent. But if you are India then it shall not be a problem for you to explore the destination. Thanks to some of the schools that have now strictly started with English being a primary language to be learned, you can now find youth practicing and talking in English only which surely in the future can improve the growth of this small town.


When you reach here through flight or even by train, you can enjoy sightseeing here with tourist buses. They are cheap and can help you cover all the major spots too. In case you are one laid back tourist then surely you can count this as the easiest way to travel within the city.

Patnitop is located in the Udhampur hilltop and is said to be the popular tourist location. Amid a dense forest and close to the Chenab river, this type of option is surely the most incredible one. It has snow blanket throughout the year but surely there are some unique spots which can make this an ideal destination o have a refreshing holiday too.