Best Time to Visit Sonmarg

Popularly known as “The Meadow of Gold”, Sonamarg is like a precious gem in the crown of Kashmir tourism. The picturesque town of Kashmir located at an altitude of 2,740mts above the sea level and home to numerous lakes, exquisite waterfalls, and glaciers surroundingthe place, and many things and attractions of Sonamarg make us feel like we are in a wonderland. Sonamarg is located very close to the banks of Nallah Sindh River at the foot of Zojila pass, the wonderful views and its magnificent landscapes attract everyone to visit this wonderful destination of Kashmir.

In addition to natural attractions and beauty, Sonamarg is quite famous for its adventurous acts. The lakes, glaciers, and many things here turn in to exciting hotspots for adventure activities. Here you can enjoy alpine skiing, angling, water rafting, sledging, etca lot.

After going through this, you will definitely love to visit this place. For all those, here the guide will explain when it to be the best time to visit Sonmarg. So take a read on how Sonamarg climate varies from different seasons.

In Summers (April to June)

Summers are the peak season for tourism in Sonamarg. During the summers, the environment looks very clear and awesome everywhere blooming and good sights of greenery and nature.The temperatures also will be very comfortable not too high and cold, just moderate. For sightseeing tours, this is the best to visit. You can enjoy the beautiful views of lakes, landscapes, and many attractions in the town.For adventure activities like biking, trekking, whitewater rafting,and camping summers are the best choice. Overall, summers are an ideal time for outdoor activities to explore the attractions of Sonamarg.

Maximum Temperature : 200C

Minimum Temperature : 100C

In Monsoons (July to September)

From the beginning of July, Sonamarg receives rainfall in most of the areas. Temperatures will also go down and you can experience a moist and chill atmosphere. If you love to enjoy the tour in rain showers and misty climate means, you can visit Sonamarg during monsoons. If the rains are not heavy you can enjoy the beautiful sightseeing tour ever in Sonamary because of the greenery and pleasantness of lakes, waterfalls attract you a lot. During monsoons, tourists count will also fewer so if you like crowdless and budget-friendly tour means, monsoons are the right time for you.

But if you are an adventure lover means, monsoons are not the time because adventure activities will be shutdown throughout the monsoons.

Maximum Temperature : 120C

Minimum Temperature : 20C

In Winters (October to February)

If you want to experience the real and adventurous winter means, it is the right time to visit Sonamarg. During winters, Sonamarg receives great snowfall downing the temperatures to sub-zero levels. Everything covered under thick snow and the freezing atmosphere makes us witness the true and breathtaking views of Sonamarg. Especially for adventure activities, winters are the best time to enjoy. Like Skiing, hill climbing, and water rafting are the best activities to take part but at the beginning of the winter, you can avail of these activities.

In addition to all these, winter festivals such as Diwali and Losar festival takes place here are the great attractions to witness.

Maximum Temperature : 180C

Minimum Temperature : -80C


This is the way Sonamarg's climate varies differently from the season. But every season has its beauty and attractions. When it comes to which season is the best to visit means? It depends on the traveler’s interest. If you love snowfall, winters are the right or if you want to explore every bit of the destination means summer. Overall, the best time to visit Sonamarg is April to October. This is the ideal time to get entertain by all attractions of the place.

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