15 Best Places to Visit in Sonamarg

Travel broadens one's horizons and the mind and opens up one's heart. Most importantly, it fills one's life with stories and memories. Travelling to places like Sonmarg and Kashmir leaves one astonished and dumbstruck with scenic beauty, tranquility, generosity, and peaceful ambience. From the breathtaking valleys to the mesmerising lakes, the Sonmarg attractions take the travelers and adventure enthusiasts closer and more connected with the heart of Himalayas.

Also, one can never resist the act of falling in love with those locations - every time one remembers it. It also makes one modest and makes one understand as to what a small place one occupies in this vast world. There are a high number of mesmerising locations, yet here are top ones to never miss out on one's planning schedule for the tour to Sonamarg. Take a look!

1. Nilagrad River

Respected and deemed highly in the region of Kashmir for the miraculous healing powers it possesses, Nilagrad River is a much fascinating place that Sonmarg has to offer. Being in the pinnacle of nature's beautiful creations as well as medicinal benefits, it is one of the surreal and attractive spots that no place can even be close to. It is mesmerizing as heaven does and makes one experience transcendence.

Everything - right from the coniferous pine trees to the swiftly flowing rivers, and from the greenish pastries(alpine meadows) to the never-ending hills, the ambience of Nilagrad River is undoubtedly a magical memory. It would leave no stone unturned and is sure to cast an enchanting and splendid spell on anyone visiting it. It is located beautifully in the Ganderbal District, Sonamarg.

2. Yusmarg

It is located magnificently, near the Chanapora Bypass Road, at an altitude of 7,500 ft. Above mean sea level. Yusmarg is found in the heart, the core part of the PirPanjal mountain range. Yusmarg is one of the must-visit places in Sonmarg since it is more than a beautiful place to offer solace and peace to body and mind. Renowned as the "Meadow of Jesus," it assures one to stay calm and stately, far from the hustle and bustle of the normal life. Thus, it is a perfect place for an individual who wishes to be surrounded by peace and quietness all the time. 

3. Zojila Pass

Located on National Highway 1, Zojila Pass is a high mountain pass that offers thrilling and adventurous memories and moments to travellers. It also provides its travellers, some of the beautiful and most magnificent views of the snowy and mighty Himalayas. It is an enlightening journey, too. It is because it doesn't only offer mere scenic beauty but also a harsh history.

Pakistan and India's wars have left their unforgettable mark on this land. The pass has bone-chilling winters, but the spring season welcomes the travellers with the blooms and greenery engulfs of the season spread over the entire topography of Zoji La. The beautiful views of Himalayas and Ladakh from Zojila Pass, makes it one of the highly popular tourist destinations in Sonamarg and India, too.

4. Vishansar Lake

Renowned as the "Lake of Vishnu," the Vishansar Lake reflects the cultural heritage of Kashmir and India, too. It is one of those best places; one must visit in Sonmarg for the great significance it possesses. Located at the mean sea level of about 3,710 meters, near Nichnai Pass, it is one of the highly popular oligotrophic lakes. Oligotrophic lakes are the ones that contain a large quantity of oxygen, that should be in the must-visit of a Kashmir holiday.

5. Thajiwas Glacier

Located astoundingly in the Forest Block, Sonamarg, Thajiwas Glacier offers ample opportunities for thrilling adventures like trekking, camping, and hiking.  Thajiwas Glacier, one of the most beautiful Sonamarg attractions, is one of the not to miss regions during their trip to Sonamarg or Kashmir. A repository of various waterfalls, stunning glacier, and refreshing and rejuvenating meadows, Thajiwas Glacier is in itself a stunner in its every aspect to offer. Thus, Thajiwas Glacier is a perfect Kashmiri delight that travellers can experience.

6. Krishnasar Lake

Water bodies naturally trigger a sense of awe in all individuals. It's extra unique and beautiful when it comes to Krishnasar Lake. Translating into "Lake of Krishna," the Krishnasar Lake is found at an elevation of 3801 meters, near Nichinai pass, Sonamarg.

It is one of the most splendid places that one has to visit in Sonamarg.  It is ideally a paradise, undoubtedly, that can offer a resounding experience for nature lovers as well as photography enthusiasts.  The lake also characteristically features a lot of amazing features to attract the travelers who love trout fishing and angling.

7. Baltal Valley

Valleys are always mesmerising. Baltal valley serves as the perfect base for profound and impressive beauty. Not only this, but it also offers the travellers, a beautiful journey to undertake - the sacred Amarnath Yatra. The Valley is one of the most magnificent places of interest for all travel and nature enthusiasts in Sonmarg. It is located captivatingly, along the banks of River Sindhi, near the Zoji La Pass, Sonamarg. It offers breathtaking and amazing views of the snowy and magnificent mountains that are found at a distance of just fifteen kilometers from Sonamarg town.

8. Gangabal Lake

A river gushing in the foothills of Mount Harmukh, in Kashmir Valley, Sonmarg sightseeing, is never complete and non-satisfactory without visiting the Gangabal Lake. A visit to the highly popular Gangabal Lake makes one's trip highly rewarding. Getting all its resources from the surrounding springs and natural glaciers, Gangabal Lake is one of the breathtaking places to visit in Sonmarg. It's a great option to visit in June for those who look forward to enjoying the scenic beauty at it's best via trekking in Sonamarg, at the heart of Kashmir.

9. Gadsar Lake

Found at a fantastic height of 5,000 meters, in the Kashmir Valley, Sonamarg, Gadsar lake is a perfect view for a nature lover with the awesome Himalayas as its backdrop. Gadsar Lake is at it's best in April since one could visually delight by beholding a frozen paradise. Renowned popularly as the "Lake of Flowers" and as "Yemsar Lake," it means - "the lake of fishes " by translation. Thus, it serves not only as a proud and breathtaking home to scenic beauty encompassing greenish alpine meadows, icebergs, and flowers but also is home to the endangered brown trout fishes. Thus, it carries forward the sanctity and beauty of nature.

10. Satsar lake

Located heavenly in the Ganderbal district, Kashmir, Satsar Lake, is found at an enthralling and fantastic elevation of 3,610 meters above the mean sea level. Meaning literally as seven lakes, it is a bewildering beauty - a confluence of seven clustered alpine lakes that are interlinked to one another in a gushing formation. It is yet another elegant and delicate water body that is one of the most enticing beauties to behold in Sonamarg.

11. Buddhist Temple

Buddhist Temples are found in destinations in a smaller radius - close to Sonmarg. These beautiful shrines are located in regions in and around Sonamarg, just like the sacred Hindu temples.  Tourists from various parts of India visit the temples since they are in their original state and are ambiently surrounded by nature. It is a surreal location that is hidden in Sonamarg. It is a little hideout for peace, solace as well as relaxation. It is of no doubt that Sonmarg offers various natural wonders, that humans irresistibly fall in love with. Meanwhile, the landmarks like the Buddhist temples, add to the aesthetic as well as sacred value for Sonamarg.

12. Walnut orchards

Orchards are yet another lovely destination where humans alter nature for stately and profitable harvests. They are found in Sonamarg too. The walnut orchards are the exciting destination in Sonamarg. Walnut Orchards pleases its visitors with their lovely blossoming and ripening of walnuts from their flowers. Vibrant in their rustic beauty, a visit to this green place is the most excellent way to feel as closely as possible to nature. Local people as well foreigners love these orchards alike. The scenic beauty of Sonamarg, adds on and on, continuously with such destinations making it more enjoyable.

13. Kheer Bhawani Temple

Kheer Bhawani temple, a holy temple that wins the heart of its visitors by its flamboyant style of being winsome yet straightforward, is dedicated to the Goddess Kheer Bhawani. Located gently and quietly in the center of a natural spring, it attracts a large number of tourists who are curious to know it links, and it's a contextual reference in Indian mythology. The architecture is simple yet appealing. Wholly made of gray stone, it is enchanting and alluring.

The devotees offer kheer and milk for the deity, which is believed to be the dishes that the Goddess likes. It is also strongly believed that if there is any unanticipated and unforeseen looming calamity, the waters found there turn black as an indication from the deity. It's highly unusual to see such facts, and thus, one mustn't miss out on this sacred temple!

14. Naranag temple

Naranag Temple is a group of temples built to worship Lord Shiva. This cluster of temples is situated close to each other. They are skillfully and beautifully made, and thus it's sure that they would leave you mesmerized. The surrounding ambience is also great and is a visual delight that photograph enthusiasts couldn't resist, but come back again and again for more photos.

Since these temples are on the route to Mount Harmukh, they are additionally famous in Sonmarg. Thus, the typically built temples in Aryan structure is sure to leave oneself astonished.

15. Amarnath Temple

One of the most popular Hindu shrines, the Amarnath temple, is an inevitable part as well as one of the holiest shrines of Hinduism. The snowy mountains encircle the temple's sacred cave. The cave is enveloped by snow throughout the year, except for a small span in summer. It is time the temple is open for the devotees. It's such a bliss to find divine sanctity and endless natural beauty at the Amarnath temple!

There is no end to the number of heavenly attractions and admirable spots in Kashmir. A visit to the tourist attractions in Sonamarg proves that, undoubtedly. Those mentioned above are a few handful top locations among all that Sonamarg has to offer.

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