What to Wear in Sonmarg

Sonamarg captioned as the “Meadow of Gold” for its beauty, is an exquisite place in Kashmir to get surprised with its beautiful and awe-inspiring tourist wonders. The lovely place Sonamarg covered with placid lakes, beautiful waterfalls, glaciers and many things here mesmerizes you with their untouched and pristine beauty. Sonamarg is located at an altitude of 2740mts above the sea level on the banks of Nallah Sindh River at the foot of Zojila Pass. The pleasant atmosphere and the breathtaking views of this place make people love to visit this destination. Besides, the adventure activities of Sonamarg draws adventure thrillers too join here. Overall Sonamarg is a wonderful destination, which impresses all kinds of tourists with its attractions.

While visiting Sonamarg like places we need to think about what to wear. Because Sonamarg receives snowfall and sometimes temperatures will also go down very deep. But it doesn’t occur every time. Different months show various changes in climate. So as per the season and climatic conditions, we have to choose what to wear. Here the guide helps you what to wear in Sonamarg.

About Weather

Sonamarg is a cold and humid region due to snowfall and rainfall. That’s why here the weather is chill and pleasant but in other months you can see the difference. Here, every month and its climatic conditions are noted in detail. With this, you can aware of what to wear when you’re visiting Sonamarg based on the season.

In January

If you want to live in extreme snowfall, this is the time to visit. Everywhere you can see covered by thick white snow and also some roads will remain closed during the times. So you can observe severe snowfall in January.

Recommendable Clothes: With no doubt, thick fur woolen clothes are recommended to wear because the temperature goes down very badly with -110C.

In February

Like January, Sonamarg receives heavy snowfall in February also. But the temperature rises a little better not very drastic. The temperature goes nearly -70C down so in February also cold climate will affect you.

Recommendable Clothes: As usual, woolen clothes are recommendable to wear in February too.

In March

During March, the effect of winter will decrease and the snow will also get started melting. You can enjoy a comfortable winter with moderate snow and temperatures. Also, the rain will pour in some places. However, in March you can enjoy the trip with comfortable snowfall and temperatures.

Recommendable Clothes: Anyway, snowfall impact will be there so woolen clothes are recommended to wear. If you go for any small trekking wear trekking boots.

In April

April will welcome spring season, so you can enjoy the views of flowers and trees blooming and the greenery will make you excited. This month is the best time for family trips and photographers. The temperatures will also be comfortable and moderate but sometimes falls to minus degrees.

Recommendable Clothes: The impact of snowfall will be low and the climate also not be very cold. So you can wear moderate woolen clothes not much thick.

In May

By this month, the effect of snowfall will be very less and most of the place gets recovered from the snow-beds. For tourists and adventure thrillers, this time is the right choice to explore the place. The temperatures also will be comfortable from 8 to 16 degrees Celsius but nights will be a little cold.

Recommendable Clothes: You can use moderate woolen clothes which are lightweight and comfortable to use. Jackets are also recommendable to wear.

In June

June month is the perfect time to visit Sonamarg and the climate during this month is very comfortable and favorable for tourists, Amarnath Yatra travelers, and adventure thrillers. The climate will be cool but not much intense and not too much heat also. Overall, this month is a good period for all types of travelers.

Recommendable Clothes: You can go casual during the mornings but use little thick clothes and it is better to carry jackets for cold nights.

In July

Compared to June, nothing drastic changes will not be observed in the climate. But a good time for travelers to enjoy the sightseeing and at this time Sonamarg will be very rush with pilgrims. But there will be a chance for occasional rains. Temperature also remains comfortable at an average of 200C.

Recommendable Clothes: In the mornings you can use casuals, which are a little thick and jackets also recommended. Possibly be ready with an umbrella or raincoats if in case rain disturbs you.

In August

Beginning of the August month, monsoons will affect the climate of Sonamarg. During monsoons, the climate may not be favorable for all and you can observe thunderstorms and rain also.

Recommendable Clothes: You must come up with raincoats and all essentials required to combat the rain.

In September

You can observe a pleasant atmosphere with misty clouds and greenery at this time. You feel very comfortable with the peaceful environment in Sonamarg and September is a good time to visit also. The temperature also floats at an average of 160C.

Recommendable Clothes: It is better to wear woolen clothes because the climate will be a little chill.

In October

October came means, it brings winter. So Sonamarg starts receiving snowfall but not too heavy just moderate and it’s the best time to experience the winters. Tourists will also like to visit in October to enjoy the Sonamarg winters. The temperature also falls rapidly to 90C at an average.

Recommendable Clothes: Woolen clothes are highly recommended to wear during the times because the atmosphere will be very cool.

In November

At this time, the receiving of snowfall will be heavy and not an ideal time to visit. Because the climate will be very cold and freezing and the temperatures will also fall to negative scores.

Recommendable Clothes: Heavy winter clothes are recommended, they must be able to protect you even in negative temperatures.

In December

By December, winter in Sonamarg will reach an extreme point with harsh snowfall and most of the roads will also be closed. Coming to temperatures sometimes you can’t bear that negative levels.

Recommendable Clothes: Heavy and thick woolen clothes are recommended, which protects you from the bone-crushing cold.

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