Srinagar – the heaven on Earth is the summer capital of Kashmir. Located on the riverbanks of Jhelum, this stunning place is a masterpiece-come-alive destination. Srinagar is famous for adventure activities, cultural beauty, natural paradises, and romantic vacation.

Srinagar changes its style of beauty with the season. Summer and spring are the right time to enjoy the beauties like Mughal gardens, floating markets, cultural activities, and others. In the winter, the place is famous for snow activities and adventure tours. Beyond these, Srinagar is famous for the unique cuisine rich with spices. Some people prefer a calm heritage tour and some love to explore the region and enjoy all touristy activities. Srinagar becomes what you want your vacation to be. This is one of the main reasons to why millions of people visit this destination, every year.

Do you want to watch sunset hand-in-hand, enjoy houseboat ride, stroll through orchards, and smell the wild flowers? Srinagar is the right destination. Are you looking for a cultural beauty with indigenous communities celebrating their lifestyle, exquisite Mughal-era beauties, and the performance arts? Again, Srinagar is the right choice.

Customize your vacation by choosing the right set of activities and destinations in and around Srinagar to make a memorable vacation. Below is the list of Srinagar Tour Packages for every kind of vacation like short-trip, honeymoon vacation, summer getaways, family trip, and so on. Surf and make your dream vacation out of Srinagar.

Tour Itinerary