Best Time to Visit Srinagar

Srinagar is a surreal place that is known to attract numerous tourists each year. While most people come to get blessed with the beautiful sight of the snow, many others come to Srinagar to have a look at the lush green meadows. Some of the tourists hope to explore the bustling towns and cities. While many of them seek to spend some quality time on the trip in solicitude, whichever might be the case, no can deny the fact that Srinagar is undoubtedly one of the most mesmerizing cities of India and is truly worth a visit.

If you are planning a trip to Kashmir, then make sure to check out the information provided below on which is the best time to visit Srinagar and how exactly this abode looks during each season of the year.

In Summers (March - May)

Kashmir is a paradise and the ultimate destination for the newlyweds, particularly during the season since the weather is quite perfect for enjoying a romantic shikara ride on the surreal Dal Lake. Visiting Srinagar during the summers is considered to be quite ideal and thrilling, mainly because of the scenic beauty of the beautiful flowers lined up in the magnificent Mughal Gardens and are known to bloom particularly during this season. Most of the tourists love to come around the city during this time since the weather remains gorgeous, and it is perfect for an ideal vacation.

Temperature : Summers in Srinagar do elevate the temperatures excessively, and the maximum temperature attained will not be more than 30 – 31°C while the minimum temperature will range somewhere between 9 – 15°C.

In Monsoon (June - September)

The arrival of the monsoon in the mesmerizing city of Srinagar reduces the summer heat, and the city will have a cool and comfortable climate throughout the season. Though this season is most of the time termed as an offseason yet, no one can deny the fact that some of the aspects of this season remain to be perfect in several ways. May it be the cold and pleasant climate or the light showers that wash away the heat, monsoon is truly a season that will make you feel comfortable and offer you a remarkable experience altogether.

Being an off-season itself will offer you great benefits since the flight tickets, travel, and stay will come with huge discounts and deals. Apart from this, the season also marks the beginning of the popular activity of apple picking. It is a great chance to witness beauty in true colours. While most of the tourists avoid travelling around during this season, you can always grab the opportunity of travelling yourself and experiencing the breathtaking sceneries without facing large tourist crowds.

Temperature : During the monsoon, the maximum temperature attained is as high as 30°C while the minimum temperature lies around 15°C.

In Winters (November - February)

During this season, it is quite evident that the weather will mostly be on the colder side, and the temperatures will attain a significant drop. The nights will turn out to be colder, and you will also get to have a memorable experience while witnessing the beautiful snowfall at places like Sonmarg and Gulmarg. This time of the year is quite ideal for the winter wonderland lovers as Srinagar will turn out to look quite appealing and breathtaking.

Though many of the tourists avoid visiting Srinagar during this season mainly because of the icy climatic conditions, yet this destination will be a heaven for the winter sports lovers. Engulfed by the sea of snow, this stunning city tends to look all the more enchanting and ethereal. If you have immense love for snow and love to indulge yourself in some thrilling winter sports, then this is the perfect time of the year for you to pay a visit to this amazing wonderland. You will get a chance to experience games such as snowboarding and skiing and also enjoy an unforgettable cable car rides.

Temperature : During the winters, the temperature is expected to attain a maximum level of up-to 15°C while the minimum temperature will be as low as 0°C.

In  Autumn (October - November)

During Autumn, the weather seems to be slightly chill because the winters are around the corner. Though the weather will remain on the cooler side and is not expected to reach the extreme colder end. The temperature during late evenings and nights and will drop down to 0°C, and for a person who comes from warmer climatic areas, will find it extremely cold. In contrast to this, the mornings will be entirely on the brighter side with the rise of the refreshing autumn sun, and the climate is warm and pleasant.

During this time of the year, Srinagar looks breathtaking and surreal as the lands of this beautiful destination get covered with the stunning golden leaves of the Chinar trees that proudly stand along with the venues. Not only is the sight mesmerizing but also offers the visitors with an unforgettable experience. During the autumn season, the trees turn into a magnificent view. It is because of the beautiful transition of the shades of the leaves into golden. The weather too remains pretty cool and calm, that is all the more inviting. Srinagar during this time of the year is indeed enchanting and worth a visit

Note that during this time of the year too people do not usually prefer travelling due to the upcoming winters and therefore there is a high chance for you to avail some exciting offers and discounts on flight tickets was stay.

Temperature : During the Autumn season, Srinagar experiences a maximum temperature of up-to 15°C while the minimum temperature could go below 9°C.

After having gone through the above details, you will surely be able to choose the most suitable time for your vacation to Srinagar. Make your choice now as the most breathtaking and mesmerizing sights of the city await your arrival.

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