History of Srinagar, Kashmir

The heaven on Earth, Srinagar is in the unique territory of Jammu and Kashmir. It is located close to the Jhelum River. There is picture scenery just the way similar to you must have ever seen in the paintings. This place is also called as the stair houseboat and has got the most colorful experience to come experience by the name of Shikaras at Dal Lake.

It is believed that when Buddhist and Hindus got an independent ruling if Srinagar in the 14rh century, the city was just a Kashmir valley. It, however, came under the Muslims control and Mughals ruled it the most. That tome, it was called the capital of reign which Yusuf Chak was ruling. Later when Akbar ruled Mughal emperor in Kashmir and Srinagar and Shah Jahan continued it, then it becomes the separate Kashmir Subah which now is called as Srinagar

Right after Mughals got disintegrated post-Aurangzeb death, there were valley infiltrations of the Afghan tribes. The Hindu Dogras Jammu also started increasing who also later ruled the city.

Post Independence

Post-independence of India and Pakistan from the British empire, the Poonch villagers started with an armed protest for the Maharaja Hari Singh to rule the city. With the Poonch uprisings, there was a tribe of Pashtun and Afridis which was in Pakistan but then Maharaja was completely against giving India or Pakistan the security of this independent state and thus has signed an Instrument of Accession to India which stated that the refugees to be accepted since Pakistani-backed tribesmen approached had already been to Srinagar. The Indian Government then airlifted the Indian Army to Srinagar and then protected the city from getting attacked by the tribesman.

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