Famous Things to Buy in Srinagar

There is no denial of the fact that when it comes to shopping Srinagar is one such place where you will never run out of choices. Right from the type of shopping until the styling and quality that you buy from this lovely place is unique. The city is not just gifted with loving people but they are also extremely talented and highly skilled. The perfect example of the same can be seen in the homemade products that are sold on a large scale in the market of Srinagar. Be it the embroidery of Kashmir or the Walnut wood and handicrafts all of them are just made from the finest workmanship.

Things To Shop In Srinagar

1. Kashmiri Pashminas

This is one of the lovely shawls that is made from the wool and Pashmina silk which is known for elegance. This is often organic dyed and is said to be the best embroidery work to choose from.

2. Walnut Wood Items

If wood carving grabs your attention, then you must visit the Kashmir artisans. These people are so talented that don’t be surprised to see their work. They can even carve the furniture and other home décor items which you surely would not control yourself from buying. Talking of which walnut wood crafting is known to the good texture and lasts for a long span.

3. Carpets

In Srinagar, it is considered to be the heritage to have one and if you want to buy the original quality of rugs then Srinagar is the right place. There are different colors and patterns that you may come across.

4. Kashmiri Tea

Kahwa is a popular organic tea that is quoted popular. People also drink the noon chair called the pink team which most of the travelers also love. It is believed that to prepare this type of tea there is a special method needed which takes nearly an hour.

5. Paper Mache Artifacts

This type of craft is something old but is trending in Kashmir for a long time. You can buy these handicrafts for gifting someone since it is made from the pulp of the paper and then molded in different sizes and shapes. They have great color and they are decorated by craftsmen in a much better way.

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