What are the traditional Dresses in Jammu & Kashmir?

Know for the scenic beauty, Jammu and Kashmir are one of the most beautiful places that you can come across. But it is not just the natural richness to enjoy but also the rich culture and tradition that is followed here which again, you may not see anywhere else. This type of amazing culture is unique and those tourists who plan to visit Jammu and Kashmir surely would get an eye treating experience to watch the locals following such tradition and culture gracefully.

In Jammu and Kashmir even though modern styling has recently come up but there are still so many people who to date follow the typical Kashmiri dress. If you are keen on exploring the beauty of Jammu and Kashmir in through their clothing section too then surely you are at the right place.

About Jammu & Kashmir Culture

Jammu and Kashmir is an incredible place located on the South Asian side. It is known for loving people and scenic geography with a rich culture that you may not see elsewhere. This is a place that is surrounded by three different countries India, China, and Pakistan. The northwest side of Kashmir is dominated by Pakistan while India holds the Southern and central part of Kashmir.

Now, this was just about the Kashmir boundaries and neighboring countries. The most interesting part that comes is the customers, traditions, and hospitality of Kashmir for which it is known for. Kashmiri people usually practice Hinduism, Islam and even Buddhism. The languages that are followed here are Phari, Kashmiri, Urdu and even Ladakh languages.

It is believed that the traditional dress of people following in Jammu and Kashmir is popular because of the embroidery work and the intricate design. It enhances the culture’s richness along with the region’s landscaping. The clothing is made to ensure that it surely keeps the people warm enough in eth cold climate all the time.

The garments are made of silk, wool, and even cotton and as usual, you will more commonly see the intricate embroideries as well. If you are planning to visit Kashmir soon then surely you will enjoy wearing it.

History of Traditional Dresses of Jammu & Kashmir

It was believed that India was earlier ruled by different rules like Persians and even Greeks. They had their stronghold on the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Eventually, the traditional dress of the Kashmir people got influenced due to the same reason. It was the Aryans advent which then caused some change to the lifestyle and living of the Kashmir people.

This is the main reason why the Jammu and Kashmir traditional dresses have a touch of little western influence. As per the Hieun Tsang, It is believed that Kashmiri people are usually dressed in the clothes that are made of white linen while the dresses also have a leather doublet too.

The weather condition has a strong impact on the clothing of Jammu and Kashmir. The costumes do have some of the great artwork that you can see in the form of embroidery work. As said weather does have a strong impact which means since it is chilly most of the time, the dresses are made accordingly.

As per the region’s historic era, it has also stated that the cultural attributes of Persians and Greeks reflected the inhabitant’s attires with a lot of embroidery on it. Talking of which Pheran is one such popular attire that is designed for men and women both which has ample embroidery and great artwork to enjoy.

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About Kashmiri Costume

Well, the dominating religion in Jammu and Kashmir is Islam. It is the Kashmir Muslim who has the love for dressing up a more traditional way with better authenticity and class. You can find them often wearing Pheran. This Jammu & Kashmir traditional dress is a loose shirt that can hang down below the knees. There I a white turban that is also tied in the skull cap.

You can also see a loose trouser which is of loose-fitting that too with shoes that don’t have lace which is called Gurgabi. Well the name of these costumes itself sounds interesting so don’t be surprised when you come across men and women wearing such attire even in today’s time.

Before we move on to understanding the traditional dress, along with pehran it is the traditional Cashmere wool product which is quite popular. It also includes Kashmiri shawls which are popular and are known for the elegance and rich embroidery that is designed on it. Such type of shawl is made with the wool of Pashmina and is ai to have the blend of rabbit fur as well. The wool is received from the native Ibex that can be found on the high altitude on 14,000 ft.

Kashmiri Shawl prepared from Pashmina wool is also prepared on the large scale in Ladakh with the Shahtoosh wool. It could be quite expensive and often people gift it to their loved ones. Shahtoosh wool is received from Chiru antelope and is said to be rare which is why now the trade of Shahtoosh has been imposed a ban.

Traditional Dress of Kashmiri People

Since Jammu and Kashmir have the people with Hindu and Muslim dominance the most, the attires are more or less the same with a less difference which is hardly noticeable. As we have stated earlier, girls and boys both can wear the Pheran. However, taking about the traditional Kashmir girl that wears their religious dresses are listed below:

1. Pheran

Don’t keep your eyes wide open when you see a Kashmir woman wearing such a graceful stunning dress. It comes with broad and long yet loose sleeves and there is heavy embroidery to it. This is a perfect blend of Iranian and Indian clothing. Generally, the Hindu Kashmir woman has her Pheran which touches her feet and is even tied at the waist with a folded material which is called Iihung.

Such type of dress is a complete embellishment and there is brocade used which includes the headwear that is called Taranga. For the Kashmir men as well the attire includes the Churidar Pajama along with which they wear a skull cap with or without shawl depending on the climate.

2. Pathani Suit

In Jammu and Kashmir, the Pathani suit is often referred to as Khan Dress. It is worn by men and you will find this type of attire mostly wore by Srinagar people. Turban is also common among Muslim men. It is said that skull caps protect them. People who belong to Karakuli and peasants are said to be wearing complete frill skull caps with shawls made of Pashmina which signifies a royalty symbol.

Traditional Costumes of Kashmiri Folk Dancers

The traditional dress is unique as compared to other cities of India since different cultural backgrounds are noted here. In modern days, however, the youth of Kashmiri people now have replaced the typical attire with that of jeans and shirts. However, when the festival comes, or there is a special event like a wedding ceremony you can find them wearing a traditional dress which is quite common.

Traditional Dresses of Jammu and Kashmir for Women:

Irrespective of the religion, Kashmir bride is quite charming but more than their dress on the big day, it is their ornaments that grab the attention. The ornaments are splendid and there are also headgears which both men and woman wear. Women wear back laces and earnings. If it a Hindu woman during her marriage, it is a typical managusltra which she wears which is called Dhareejo. It is said that Kashmiri women to enhance their cloth focuses more on jewelry which they believe adds up the magical appearance.

As the women of Jammu and Kashmir are known the best for their beauty, the use of these types of jewelry adds more plus in their magical appearance.

Accessories used by Kashmiri Women

  • Taranga: Kashmir woman has a colorful scarf which is also called Taranga which is a popular headdress. It is made of suspended cap and is narrowed down at the backside till the heels. It is said to be an important part of the wedding in Kashmir be it of Muslims or Hindus.
  • Kasaba: Along with pehran, it is Kasaba which is a red headgear that is accompanied by pehran. Other than Taranga, this type of turban is quite designed with a turban and has the ornaments that are pinned down along with the silver brooches. There is also a pink scarf with it from the Kasaba that is suspended at the shoulder. Mostly this is worn by Muslim Kashmir woman as a part of their routine attire
  • Abaya: This is another common attitude of women in Kashmir. Usually, an unmarried Muslim woman has the costumes that may vary to a great extent. The headgear is then replaced with the ornate skill caps and has the embossment done with the gold threads along with gems and talismans too.

Traditional Dresses of Jammu and Kashmir for Men

Pehran is the most typical attire of Kashmiri men which both Muslim and Hindu wear. This is a long loose gown that hangs down below the knee area. Men usually also wear a skull cap with a salwar which is tightly worn.

Other than this traditional garment as said earlier is Tehran and is quite loose in fitting so that Kangri can fit well. Kangri is a vessel that is all filled with flaming coal and is worn under Pheran to make sure in extremely cold weather the body stays calm. In Srinagar, it is called as the khan dress.

Accessories used by Kashmiri Men

  • Headgear: For Muslim men and Kashmir pandit, the headgears are called a little different. Hindu men wear turbans while the Muslim men wear the skull cap which is sad to b a symbol of royal lineage. Gurgabis is a lace-free shoe which Muslim men wear along with it while.
  • Gujjars: People who stay on the hillside of the Kashmir area are called as Gujjar. The Gujjar woman wears the typical Kashmiri dress which you may find similar to that of the women in turkey wear. They also tie their hair in different styled plating towards the front side.
  • Dogras: This type of wear is a traditional wear of Indo-Aryans who stays amid the Jammu’s hilly topography. There is a dupatta, tunic, and even churidar and salwar along with a cap which the people in Jammu wear. This tunic is then tied around the waist. Men also wear the same but for better fitting, they have kurtas and pajamas. It is said that turbans and kamarbands are amongst the elders who wear it.
  • Jewelry: There are earrings, bangles and even anklets that are used on a large scale other than the ornaments that are owned in the traditional clothing. It is said that there is a golden pendant called Dejharoos which mangal-sutra of Kashmiri panditani’s is owned by Hindu women. It is made of two gold pendants which have a gold chain and a silk threat and are said to be a symbol of marital status.

No doubt that Jammu and Kashmir is a lovely place and if you are planning to visit this place soon then make sure you at least once try wearing this amazing traditional dress. Surely with elegance and style, it defines the personality altogether in a surprisingly amazing way. So this time don’t forget to get a camera along with you and click pictures of you wearing the Kashmiri dress. If you are planning to go with your partner then surely such type of authentic Kashmir traditional dress is a must-wear for you both to experience for a while how the Kashmir people live their life in that place.

It is now time to pack your bags and plan a trip to Kashmir. Shopping for a local dress can be exciting so as a memory make sure you get one for yourself or plan to gift someone whom you love.

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