History of Karnataka

The history of Karnataka dates back to pre-historic times. Karnataka is said to be one of the four Dravidian States associated with Indus-Valley Civilization. Aryans from Central Asia invaded the Dravidic city State civilization and colonized it.

Iron weapons dating back to 1200 BC have been found at Hallur in Dhaward district. The use of iron for implements much before the metal was introduced in the Northern India proves that Dravidian Civilization was far advanced and Aryans evolved their civilization through interaction with the Dravidian people.

In ancient period of history, Karnataka formed a part of vast North Indian Empires of Nanda and Maurya. Later, native rulers ruled over in the region. Vast native Vijayanagar Empire with Hampi as its capital came up around 1550.

Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan defeated kings of Mysore and shifted the capital to Srirangpattnam. The British defeated Haider Ali in 1799 and annexed the territory into its Empire and ruled over Karnataka till India got Independence in 1947.

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