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History of Kerala

The history of Kerala dates back to prehistoric times. Stone age carving in Edakkal Caves has pictorial writings dating back 5000 BC from the Neolithic man. During 3000 BC, Kerala had established itself as a major spice trade centre through water routes across the Arabian Sea connected with Red Sea and the Mediterranean ports

The word Kerala is first recorded as Keralaputra in a 3rd-century BC rock inscriptions during Maurya emperor and Asoka’s rule (274–237 BCE). Keralaputra was one of the four independent kingdoms in southern India during Asoka's time sharing a common language and culture. In the 8th century, Adi Shankara was born in central Kerala who established Hindu Mathas (shrines) in four directions – North (Kashmir) and Kanayakumari( Southernmost tip of India fraked by Arabian sea and Indian ocean) besides East and West.

Contact with Europeans began with the arrival of Vasco Da Gama in 1498. In 1795, the British colonized the region as a part Travancore-Cochin State. After independence (1947), Kerala became an Indian State in 1956.

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