Kerala Fast Facts

Kerala is not just about Ayurveda and coconuts. This God’s Own Country has numerous faces to explore and million things to enjoy. Kerala is one of the smallest states of the country. However, it is possible to enjoy a holistic vacation in this state. It is true that Kerala is one of the top tourist destinations of the world. What more do you know about the facts about Kerala state?

Cleanest State of the Country

According to a recent survey, which ranked the cities in the order of cleanliness, cities of Kerala have been ranked several times in the top list. Out of the top ten clean cities, five cities belong to Kerala. Do you want to enjoy the entire state with iconic attractions in the itinerary? Choose Travelogy India’s exclusive Kerala tour package:

Good Literacy Level

Kerala has a good literacy level, compared to numerous other states of the country. All the locals are given compulsory primary education, through government programs.

High Life Expectancy

Because of the greenness of the state, Ayurvedic lifestyle or might be because of being as close to nature as possible, the life expectancy of a Kerala local is the highest among the country. The average life expectancy of the state is 74 years. Ayurvedic treatments are common in numerous regions of Kerala. These treatments are focused on general health and for specific ailments like hair loss, weight loss, cardiac health and so on.

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High Tech Villages

Not just the hustling cities and metropolitan regions, even the villages of Kerala have developed. Every village has banking facilities, education options, hospitals and other amenities. This allows travel to villages, much easier and comfortable. Do you want to scale those villages of Kerala?

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The Spice of Coast of India

India attracted European countries during the colonial era by its wealth in spices. Traders from various parts of the world visited India via Kerala coastal regions for its spices. This allowed Kerala to have a diversity in lifestyle, architecture, religion and cultural activities. Are you willing to enjoy every part of this spice coast? Take our customized 12 days Kerala Family Tour Package – covering Trivandrum, Kovalam, Kumarakom and Munnar.

First in Tourism

Kerala has been at the first place in tourism in India; from 2000 to current year. It is also considered one of the top ten tourism destinations for tourists from Middle East and Asia Pacific regions. Kerala has numerous themes of destinations starting from adventure to honeymoon.

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The State with Numerous Festivals

As stated before, the state is filled with numerous cultures and diverse lifestyles. This has led to celebration of numerous festivals. Not just the quantity of festivals, Kerala is also famous for adding more colors to these festivals. Each festival is linked with cultural programs, traditional feast on a fresh banana leaf, elephant activities and so on. Read here about the Top Fairs and Festivals in Kerala

Enjoy Beach in a Car in Kerala

Kerala is the only region in the country, where you can find drive-in beach. Located in Kannur, North Kerala, the Muzhappilangad drive-in beach is famous for exploring the beach in a car. Are you looking for more beaches to add to your vacation? Choose our exclusive packages of beach vacations but first learn about the Top Beaches in Kerala:

Destination of First Raindrop

Kerala is the first region in the country to experience monsoon, every year. From there, it would take ten days for the season to reach Mumbai and from there to Delhi. Later on, the rest of the country experiences rainfall. With this lush monsoon climate, Kerala is famous for water activities. Read about Top 7 Water Activities in Kerala to know about the activities in wait for you in Kerala.

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