Restaurants in Kerala

Kerala’s cuisine is quite famous for creamy thick coconut milk flavored savories. Cuisine is an important element of the state’s culture. Since it is covered on multiple sides by water, seafood is quite an important element of the cuisine. The rich aroma of the dishes is credited to the distinctive mix of curry leaves, mustard seeds, tamarind, chilies and asafoetida in rich pure coconut oil. Just like most of the Indian states, rice is the staple food of Kerala. Traditionally, food is served here on a fresh banana leaf. On the side, you can relish pickles, chips made of jackfruit and banana, dry papadam, variety of coconut flavored chutney and so on.

For tasting the true cuisine of the state with the impeccable cooking, it is best to head towards authentic restaurants of the land. Starting from SubWay to Pizza Hut, you can find almost all western restaurants in the land. You can taste a sub or a pizza anywhere in the world. When it comes to a spicy prawn dipped in coconut milk curry flavored with spices and topped with fried curry leaves, it is time to get real with authentic Kerala restaurants.

1. Malabar Junction

This is an elegant boutique place in Cochin, standing for more than two centuries. This restaurant caters to the fantasies of seafood lovers. With the local produce from the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean, it is the place for fresh degustation of special dishes. Starting from tiger prawns to authentic Kerala thali, this restaurant is the place to taste the gift of sea.

2. Ginger House

This is a unique dining spot, located very close to the water edge. The architecture and the décor of the restaurant is eloquent to the finest details. The restaurant is even decorated with numerous sculptures. The dining room is designed like a snake boat and the quality of the food equals the beautiful view. The place is famous for authentic spicy dishes and is well versed in seafood dishes.

3. The History

The History is located inside Brunton Boatyard, which is functioning within a 19th century colonial structure. This fine dining restaurant is quite famous among European visitors. The name goes well with the menu of the restaurant. The place is famous for providing historic dishes, which were very common during the past like mutton curry fish moilee and others.

4. Bait

Located inside the iconic Vivanta by Taj, this hotel gets its taste from the fresh produce from the Keralan backwaters and the coastal regions. Wood-fired dishes of this restaurant are quite famous. With the daily marine produce coming to the restaurant, they will never run out of crab, prawn, fish and others. The restaurant is also very generous when it comes to experimenting with exotic spices of the land. If desired, you can try a dine al fresco experience on the lawn or the deck.

5. 1788

Located inside Old Harbour Hotel, 1788 restaurant is famous for tropical dishes. It chooses the apt ingredients to give a tropical look to every dish. The fresh produce comes in the evening and thus, the restaurant is best for dinner experience. If lucky, you might find outdoor barbecue evenings in the restaurant. Apart from these, the restaurant serves fresh tropical juices too.

6. Aditi Restaurant

Located in Thekkady, this restaurant is on the edge of the famous Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. This gorgeous restaurant provides dishes made with authentic Kerala styled cooking. Located close to spice plantation, you can get a mild aroma of the spice throughout the dining time. In addition, the hotel plans to preserve the traditional Kerala styled cooking. Thus, authentic taste is locked up in every dish.

Are you inspired to sample the dishes of Kerala? It is time to visit the southern state of the country, lapping with the Arabian Sea. The tropical climate with hues of humidity makes it the best place all through the year to taste dishes tainted with fresh spices and coconut.

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