Famous Museums in Khajuraho

The entire city of Khajuraho is a living museum with temples that are several hundred years ago, culture linked with heritage and locals living in the bliss of that culture.

If you insist on visiting a few museums to learn more about the city, here are the top museums of Khajuraho.

1. Jain Museum

This museum gets its name from its collection of Jain sculptures. The museum is located inside the Jain Shrine complex and was inaugurated in 20th century. The gallery of sculptures holds Tirthankar Statues, Jain Models, Yakshi Sculptures and much more.

Location : Eastern group of temples in Sevagram

Timing : Open from 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening (other than Sundays and Government holidays)

2. State Museum For Tribal And Folk Art

As the name indicates, this museum holds unique collection of tribal artifacts, statues, tribal paintings and much more. These collections explain the lifestyle, ritual and tradition of the tribal peoples.

There are more than 500 articles in this museum including jewelries, folk paintings, ancient masks, terracotta items and wooden articles.

Location : Chandela Cultural Complex Of Khajuraho Town

Timing : Open from 12 in the noon to 8 in the evening (other than Mondays and Government holidays)

3. Dhubela Museum

This museum holds collection of artifacts that fall under varying genre. This museum provides an insight about the history, lifestyle and pride of Bundelas, the reign that ruled this region in the past.

You can find paintings, garments, weapons, ornaments and other ancient antiques here belonging to that reign. You can also find collections of modern antiques too in this building.

Location : On the Jhansi-Khajuraho road, closer to Lake and Old Fort

Timing : Open from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening (other than Mondays and Government holidays)

4. Archaeological Museum

This museum was inaugurated during British Rule in India. Started by W. A. Jardine, a British Officer, this museum holds artifacts from the bygone era. This museum is connected with the main shrine complex of Khajuraho. You can find artifacts of varying religions like Jainism, Brahmanism and Buddhism.

You can also find structural masterpieces of Indian architecture in the open-air museum in this compound. It is one of the most creative museums to enjoy in Khajuraho.

Location : Opposite to the Circuit House of Khajuraho

Timing : Open from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening (other than Sundays and Government holidays)

Each museum has a different close day. Thus, plan your trip accordingly to make sure that you could explore all the museums. The museums would not take more than a couple of hours of your time. Plan accordingly.

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