Lamayuru to Alchi Trek in Ladakh

The trekking tour between Lamayuru and Alchi is designed for those who wish to explore the natural beauty surrounding the famous Buddhist monasteries combined with the easy short trek. The legendary Lamayuru Monastery lies in a valley in the lower Ladakh amist the natural panorma. It is said that Lamayuru was a lake. A monk, fascinated by the scenic beauty around, blessed the Lake and the water body moved up the hills vacating the spot where LamayuruMonastery was built. Built in tenth century, this is one of the oldest Buddhist. Monastry. On the Banks of River Indus, Alchi village locates Alchi Gompa three-storeyed monastery built in eleventh century.

The best trekking route from Lamayuru to Alchi is through Wanla covering La Wanla, Wanla Hunju, La Sumdha Chenmo, Samudha Chun and Stakspi. There are alternate routes too via Wanla.

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