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Phuktal Monastery
Quick Information
  • Famous For: God Lovers, Nature Lovers
  • Entry Fee: Rs. 30 Per Person
  • Opening Timing: 6am-1pm & 1.30-6pm

Phuktal Monastery, Ladakh

Phutkal Monastery is the most isolated monastery in Zanskar region. Its establishment dates back to twelfth Century. This monastery is unique in every respect. Unlike other monasteries in regions built the kings and nobles, Phutkal monastery has been established by a resident community of about 40 monks. This monastery is composed of several chappals, one of which appears the oldest. This chappal has frescos and ceiling decorations reflecting strong Indian artistic and iconographic influence.
Another unique aspect is that the Phugthal complex spills out of the mouth of a huge cave. This cave lies in mountain face of a lateral gorge through which a major tributary of the southern Lungnak River flows.
The most thrilling unique aspect of Phutkal monastery is that it is accessible from the Padum-Manali trekking route which branches off from Purney Bridge and a sevem km long trail that branches off takes you to the Monastery.

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