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Deccan Odyssey Information

Luxury trains are quite a unique experience. Those who are planning to enjoy a ride in the train will have many queries regarding the itinerary, train and the entire vacation. Here are the necessary facts and information that every Deccan Odyssey rider should know.

There are three types of cabins based on the luxury. The most luxurious cabin of the train is the Presidential Cabin. It has two bedrooms and can accommodate 4 people. The Deluxe cabin queen bed comes with a double-cot and can accommodate 2 people. The Deluxe cabin twin bed comes with two single cots and can accommodate 2 people.

Every cabin is air-conditioned and has an attached bathroom, filled with exclusive toiletries, showerhead, bath towels, hair dryers and others. The cabins have other facilities like telephone, electronic safe, upholstery and others. The Presidential Cabin has many additional features than the deluxe cabins.

There are two dining cars in the train, namely the Peshwa I and Peshwa II. Both the dining cars have the same menu and are served by the same team. Thus, the variety and taste of both the restaurants are the same. The dishes are served in specialty bone-China plate and flawless crystalline glasses.

The bar of the train provides many quality drinks and cocktails from around the world. The lounge room has leather armchairs to relax and enjoy the passing sceneries. You can find books, traditional board games and other entertainments in this cabin.

The train provides signature spa treatments on-board. The spa has specialists who provide rejuvenating massages, exotic body treatments and rejuvenation therapies of Ayurveda.

You are requested to be at the railway station, at least a few hours before the departure time. Thus, it is recommended to reach the starting destination, the night before. Deccan Odyssey does not cover the accommodation and travel charges prior and post to the itinerary. However, the team will help you choose the right flight, buy tickets and other requirements. To make things easier, every itinerary of the train starts and ends at metro cities with international airports.

Deccan Odyssey does not provide health and travel insurance for its travelers. It has a full coverage over loss that happens due to natural calamities and major catastrophes during the itinerary. The guests are requested to apply for health and travel insurance to cover expenses due to sudden illness, travel problems, loss of luggage, theft and so on.

Upon full payment, tickets will be issued to the passengers. The name in the ticket will be cross-verified with any ID proof before admitting access to the train. If you are a foreign passenger, a valid visa and passport are very essential for entering India. If you were traveling from any third world country or regions with Yellow Fever epidemic, you would need a vaccination certification.

If you want to cover as many attractions as possible during your trip to India, it is better to stay back for a couple of days after the itinerary. If you choose to do so, talk to our representative. We will provide travel plans and other packages for a tailor-made vacation in any destination in India, as you desire. The cost of these extensions are not covered by the tariff of the luxury train ticket.

There is no strict dress code in Deccan Odyssey. You comfort is more important for us. However, we request you to wear decent clothing to avoid any problems. Smart casuals are the most recommended one. If you are visiting any beach location, choose to pack swimsuits. If your itinerary includes a luxury dining in any palace hotel, wear formals. Choose to wear comfortable walking shoes. You would be spending a lot of time on your feet and it is best to wear comfortable shoes.

Stick to the international baggage allowance. It is recommended to use soft-topped bags, as it is would be easier to store them in the given space. It is recommended to bring half-filled luggage. This will allow you to take back some souvenirs with you.

At every station, porters are arranged by the crew. You can choose to take their service to carry your luggage in and out of the train.

Deccan Odyssey does not discriminate its passengers. Every type of passenger has the right to enjoy a luxurious vacation in the train. For their comfort, the train provides clutches, attendants, wheelchairs and others. To avail these facilities, the requirements should be indicated during the time of booking. Last minute requests can be satisfied on a moving train.

At each destination, English-speaking guides will accompany you to explain the beauty and history of the land. If you are looking for a native language-speaking guide, please mention during the time of Deccan Odyssey booking.

The train stops at each destination and the tourists are taken on a road trip to various destinations in coaches and cabs. The off-train excursion is managed by Deccan Odyssey.

Smoking is not allowed at any part of the train, including the bathrooms. If you want to smoke, talk to your butler. He will direct you to the train captain, who would arrange things for you. Smoking is also not allowed at any public places and restaurants of India. Breaking this law can lead to legal consequences, which have to be dealt by the said-individual.

Tourists are allowed to enjoy liquor as they like in the lounge room, bar and in the dining cars. Liquor is not allowed in the other parts of the train. Drinks are served to those who are above the age of 21 only.

A paramedic travels along with you in the train. In case of any medical requirements, contact the paramedic to get medical help. He will be able to provide general medicines, which are available on-board. If you are in need of any life-saving medication or specialty medicines, it is better to bring them with you.

You need not worry about dumping clothes for every day. Laundry services is available at specific destinations. Check with your butler to know about the tariff and locations of laundry. Laundry charges are not included in the tariff of Deccan Odyssey.

You are allowed to use your laptops and cellphones at any part of the train. It is recommended to keep your phones in silent mode to avoid disturbance to other people. Each cabin has a landline phone with international connection. Every call made from the cabin phone will be charged.

It is not compulsory to pay gratuity to the staffs. It is an Indian tradition of saying thanks for their service. Gratuities are usually provided to escorts, crew, attendants and guides.

Every customer-contact crewmember will be versed in English. No matter what your requirement might be, the staff will be at your service 24/7.

Deccan Odyssey needs a minimum number of passengers to operate with profit. If that minimum number of passengers is not met, the tour will be cancelled and the ticket cost will be refunded.

The Deccan Odyssey ticket cost includes cost of travel, accommodation, English guides, porter, monument entrance fee, camera fee and others.

The ticket cost does not cover any personal expense, personal purchase, spa services, telephone, laundry, liquor and other business class facilities of Deccan Odyssey.

Internet service is provided via Wi-Fi. The strength of the service varies from destination to destination.

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