Maharajas' Express Dining Car

Maharajas' Express Dining Car

While you dine on-board, you choose between two themed restaurants inside the Maharajas' Express Train. The meal served in those restaurants are freshly prepared by the chefs inside the train. Every aspect of the train starting from seating arrangements to glassware is tuned to perfection.

The two restaurants are named as Mayur Mahal and Rang Mahal. Mayur is Peacock, the national bird of the country. Rang means color. True to the names, the Mayur Mahal is decorated with peacock figurines and the Rang Mahal has painted ceiling with colorful fresco art.

Each restaurant can hold 42 guests. The seating arrangements are made in two ways. One side of the cabin has two-seater arrangements and on the other side, the chairs and tables are arranged in four-seater style. The tables and chairs are pushed towards the panoramic window for the guests to dine as they gaze at the beautiful collage work of Indian nature and lifestyle.

Here are the top exclusive features of the restaurants.

  • The chefs of the train serve multi-cuisine meal every day. The menu and specials changes from one destination to another or, every day. The menu of both the restaurants will be the same.
  • You are allowed to order wine along with your dishes. Smoking is not allowed in the dining car of the Maharajas Express.
  • Both the restaurants are located at either ends of the train. Allowing tourists to always have one restaurant very closer to their cabin.
  • Every tourist has the right to choose any restaurant for every meal on-board.
  • Breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner are served in the restaurants.
  • If you want a less spicy version of the dish or any alteration, you can mention the same to the server to get customized dishes.
  • Fresh ingredients are stocked into the train at every destination. Thus, you can always taste the best meal with fresh and local ingredients.
  • The cutlery used in the restaurants are gold-edged plates and hand-cut crystal glassware of Swarovski.
  • The train exclusively runs at a slower pace during mealtime to make it easier to enjoy the food.
  • The cutlery are intentional chosen to be heavy to avoid spillage or movement during the train journey.
  • The restaurants are decorated in minimalistic manner to provide adequate space for tourists to walk around.
  • Every dish and delicacy of the menu and the signature chef specials are included in your tariff.
  • Every cutlery in the train has a monogramed ‘M’ for Maharajas’ Express.
  • Gourmet meal is served with star-rated decoration and garnishing, every time during your vacation.

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