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Palace on Wheels Super Deluxe Cabins

Palace on Wheels provides two different styles of accommodation and out of those two; the most-luxurious one is the Super Deluxe cabin. The aim of Palace on Wheels is to provide a regal style of living inspired by the royal families of the country. To re-live the palatial experience, the cabins are designed to reflect luxury and convenience in every element.

There is only one Super Deluxe coach in the train, which is named as Taj Mahal. The coach has two Super Deluxe cabins named as Diamond and Emerald. The salient beauties of the Super Deluxe cabins are the large panoramic windows, queen-sized beds and classic royal upholstery to add a monarch styled beauty to the room.

Other incredible elements of the Super Deluxe cabins and coach are

  • Complimentary beverages and snacks throughout the train journey
  • 24/7 medical service with fully equipped first-aid box
  • Well spacious bathroom inside the cabin with shower cubicle, toiletries, hair dryer, towels and others
  • Access to business class facilities like spa, gym, fitness tools and others
  • 24/7 butler service
  • Hot water facility in the bathroom
  • Safety box for valuables
  • Air conditioned cabins
  • Newspaper and magazines brought to room every day
  • Free internet facility throughout the train
  • TV
  • Mail box

Every element of the train cabin is crafted to reciprocate the living style of royals by copying architectural and décor features from hunting lodges, private palace rooms and others of the royals of Rajasthan. To add 360 degree luxury, fresh bouquet of roses is set in the room every day to give a faint smell of romantic ambience.

Here are the main features of the Palace on Wheels Super Deluxe Cabins :

Room Category Cabin / Suite Passenger Capicity
Twin 2 4
Total 2 4

Area of Deluxe cabin

  • Area of the entire cabin: 12.6 feet x 7.7 feet
  • Dimension of twin bed: 6.6 feet x 3 feet
  • Dimension of double bed: 6.6 feet x 6 feet
  • Total size of Super Deluxe : 18 feet x 7.7 feet
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