Water Parks in Mumbai

The heat of the summer, where with the long days can get to seem become difficult and out of control then very few places can be used as the sanctuary to escape the shackles of the heat and all the misery done by the weather. The water parks are one of the few places which provide with the most relaxing places to enjoy.

Some of the most common questions that are what are water parks? When can water parks visited? How much does it costs in water park? And there are a lot more questions when someone wants to plan a day trip.

A water park is an amusement park with a theme where there are a lot of rides and play area that involves water and getting wet. Mumbai being a coastal place observes moderate, hot and humid climate which makes water park accessible for most part of the year.

Reasons to Visit a Water Park

One of the reasons to visit a water park can be the heat or dreadful weather which due to global warming happens more often. The weather in Mumbai offers some nice reasons to visit these water parks as the heat in the region often makes it hard to survive the daily routine of work.

Water park is widely popular among children and they often love to visit the water park. It can be one of the go to places when relatives visit and have children with them. Also, water park is one of the most likable place for all the fun and water lovers as it provides them the opportunity to enjoy getting drenched.

Plan a Trip to Water Park

A water park can provide some of the best day trips to get away with all the problems in life and become happy as a child again. There are a lot of water parks that can be visited in Mumbai. These parks are very famous for the rides and the roller-coaster they have.

A great weekend can be always used to visit these water parks however, these are the days when the water park is particularly crowded. Water parks have an entrance criteria and that costs money. Hence, a budget needs to be decided before entering the park.

All the fun in water park can make anyone make lose track of time and hence it is advised to plan. The time to visit and the time to leave must be decided. With the prior knowledge about the rides to get some of the time can be saved by avoiding queues.

Some of the Famous Water Parks in Mumbai

Mumbai has been the trading capital and one of the most powerful city in India in terms of economy. Hence, the entertainment value in Mumbai is the largest and in most demand as compared to any other place in the world. There are handful of water park in Mumbai that can be visited.

1. Adlabs Aquamagic

This famous aqua park is located on the Mumbai Pune expressway that can be reached via a car or bus. It costs roughly 1000 rupees per person in entry here while the timings for the park are 10:30 am to 7:00 pm. It is preferred here to come in swimsuits or shorts. There are 12 rides like named Floatsa, Soakerz, Raftastic and Splash which provide some quality entertainment.

2. Water Kingdom

Water Kingdom is one of the largest and the oldest water park in India and is located near Borivali West. The park is said to be one of the best parks that offers best entertainment for all the family members from adults to kids. The park is opened from morning 10:30 morning to 6:30 in evening and costs roughly 650 for children and old people whereas for adults it costs and roughly 900 for adults.

3. Great Escape Water Park

It is one of the cheapest park in Mumbai as it provides entry from 140 INR to 280 INR from kids to adults, but also provides food at an affordable rate of INR 599 for kids to INR 749 for adults. This water park is located at the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway on Bhiwandi road and is open for dozens of rides for 10 am to 6pm.

There are many more water parks that are famous and have been around for a long time and some of them including their price and location are:

  • Suraj water park at Ghodbunder highway from 10 am to 6pm for 650 per child and 800 per adult.
  • Shangrila water park at Mumbai-Nashik highway for 650 per child and 700 per adult and optional 400 for food.
  • Royal garden water park which is less that 10 kms from Dhaisar checknaka for 600 per person.
  • Nishiland water park which is at old Mumbai-Pune highway for 300 and 325 per child and adult respectively.

All these water park provide a great spot for relaxing and getting away from the miseries of daily boring life and add some fun without going out too far and missing out the important things in regular lives. These water parks are also the best places to be when there are vacations and children need some time to play and have fun. These are the most enjoyable places to be with a handful of rides and all the adults can find themselves turned into children again.

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