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Bardia National Park

Bardia is considered one of the most well – protected natural area of Nepal. It is also the biggest out of the 7 National Parks Nepal has got. Developed to protect the natural eco-system; it conserves tigers and elephants in its reserve. Filled with various flora and fauna; it has got a good range of animals like Tiger, Swamp deer, Gharial Crocodile, Gangetic Dolphin, Bengal Florican and so on. To see all these; there is only one thing required – to see them in silence in their natural homes…..

There is more this natural park then just the animals. There is also the Crocodile, Rhinoceros and Elephant Breeding centre inside.

Crocodile, Rihno and Elephant Breeding Centre

Wish to get close up with big beasts - crocodile and small cute beings the turtles. Then here it is – Bardia National Park has a breeding section where you can get real close to these beings. There is different section for rhinoceros if you wish to look at them closely. Basically a silent creature; it does no harm if one interacts with them within their limit.

It’s really good to be here in early hours to see them all or all of them. This means one needs to be here around 6: 00 a.m. IST. For elephants be here anytime between 10: 00 – 4:00 when they are finished off having their food and are in playful mood. See the little one playing amongst themselves or with their mothers. It’s a cool thing!

Wildlife of Bardia

There are around 150 species of reptiles and fishes; 400 species of birds and 48 species of wild animals in the entire place. The main attractions include Gangetic Dolphins, Royal Bengal Tiger, Rihnoceros, Black Buck, Gharial Crocodile, Swamp Deer, Indian Elephant, Bengal Florican, Silver Eared Mesia,Sarus Crane and Lesser Florican.

Adventures in Bardia National Park

Bardia happens to be a national park which has got more activities than any other park around. Enjoy some of the most thrilling adventures here!

  • Canoeing: Enjoy the light waves of Karnali river as you get on Canoeing watching the hymns of birds flying past.
  • Rafting: For those who are looking for some more adventure just than rowing slowly across, rafting is the perfect solution! In the 1st level rafting one can enjoy moving slowly across the park via water and enjoy the scenic beauty. Take up a rafting trip package and enjoy swimming, dolphin viewing, small jungle walks including wildlife watching spots.
  • Gharial Crocodile Trips: For those who are naïve of crocodile day – to - day life; it’s the best experience of all. Also a good way studying Gharial; one can see the crocodiles basking in Sun or see them lying under a large bridge near Nepalgunj – both Mugger and Gharial crocodiles.
  • Jungle Drive: Drive through the jungle on a Jeep Safari and enjoy small walks in between.
  • Elephant Safari: It’s altogether different sitting on the back of an elephant and seeing other wild animals from a distance – even the tiger!
  • Tharu Cultural Programme: It’s a different experience watching local Tharu dance and cultural differences.

*Bardia Eco Lodge: There are Eco Lodge in the park. It’s a full day package which includes cycling, walking, elephant safari looking for tiger and rhinoceros, birds and other animals. Staying in these Eco Lodges is a life-time experience!

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