Health and Precautions in Nepal

If you are thinking of getting best medical facilities in entire Nepal then the case is doubtful. It can be case in any country; but here as you reach the heights of Mount Everest; the degree to which facilities can be offered to its travellers’; get reduced. So, as the old saying goes- prevention is better than cure; here are some thing which you need to take care of while walking in the lanes of Nepal.

  • Take a medical kit with you while travelling
  • The first thing you should add is Aspirin or paracetamol for general pain and fever
  • Common cold and flu tablets
  • Anti – fungal and general burn cream/lotion
  • Oral rehydration power to combat diarrhoea especially if kids and elders are with you
  • Motion – sickness tables
  • Bandages, crepe wraps and band aids
  • Acetazolmide tablets if you are going especially for trekking or bike ride
  • Providine – iodine for general cuts, burns and small wounds
  • Motion – sickness tablets like dramamine
  • Anti – inflammatory tubes for muscle sprains

If you are a diabetic patient or are on Blood Pressure tablets; then take the prescribed medicines with prescription. Keep the prescription in your hand pure so that it can be shown whenever and wherever asked for. Take only the prescribed quantity. Large quantity of medicine can put you in un-necessary problem. If you are going via a tour operator; take their guidance as well.


It's a good idea to get one vaccinated for those diseases which are commonly prevalent in Nepal. Basic vaccines which can be vaccinated for include Measles – mumps – rubella (MMR), chicken pox, yearly Flu shot and diphtheria – tetanus – pertussis (DTP) vaccine.

In addition to this always carry clean drinking water, eat at clean and reputed places, reduce places with germs, take anti – malarial medicines and apply lotions and avoid any sort of un-necessary non – sterile medical equipment.

In addition to medicines; if you are taking Yak milk or tea prepared from Yak milk at heights especially while trekking, make sure that it is hygienically prepared. If not then at least given 2 boil before you drink it.

Generally tour operators have a good know with local doctors/practitioners or hospitals. You should always ask them if there is a need or take the help of hotel staff in which you are booked to stay in!

*Malaria is one big disease which you should be vary of while travelling in Nepal. So, if you see any of the symptoms related to Malaria, seek medical help. As it can be easily mixed up with Viral Fever, get the test done, if the fever persists more than 3 days.

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