Famous Foods in Kathmandu

When culture and tradition result in fantastic cuisines, they will taste very fine and enjoyable. Especially, in travelling this type of cuisines make the travellers feel very happy. In Kathmandu, you can enjoy this type of various special cuisines in limitless bounds. Kathmandu is such a great destination for foodies to relish different tastes of the city. To enjoy the food of mountainous regions, Kathmandu is a perfect option.

Here this food guide will make you feel the tastes of different cuisines of Kathmandu just by reading itself. So, pick out the best cuisines you want to try when you fly to Kathmandu.

Popular Cuisines of Kathmandu

Here is the list of some of the popular dishes of Kathmandu, most of the people say that they never missed these varieties.

Dal Bhat

Dal Bhat, Nepal’s national food is the renowned cuisine to try in Kathmandu. In Kathmandu, no one will exist without knowing the name Dal Bhat. It is soup made of lentils or beans, vegetables, etc. Different variety of Dal Bhat soups are known for their taste but “Dal Bhat Tarkari” is the popular one. Also, with the combination of chicken or meat, you can have this soup. Simply, everyone in Kathmandu excels in preparing Dal Bhat.


If you want to try Tibetan influenced variety means, Momos are the best option. They seems to be a paper-wrapped balls with flower-like prints. But these Momos are fantastic food to try in Kathmandu. Momos are like dumplings made of maida and then they will be stuffed with either vegetable curries or chicken. As per your choice you can order with different soups. You can easily get 10 Momos per plate. It is a good and light food to enjoy.

Newari Cuisine

Newaris are the locals of Kathmandu, who were the original habitats of the city from many centuries back. Their cuisines in Kathmandu are exceptional and wonderful to taste. Nearly 200 variety of cuisines of Newari are known for their fantastic flavors. If you want to try the best local food of Kathmandu means, Newari cuisines are the best choice. Alu tama, Bara, Dheedo, Gundruk, Sinki, Senla mu, Hakuchoila, Bhuttan, Aloo sadheko, etc are some of the famous specials of Newari.

Maas Ko Bara

Maas Ko Bara is a lovely food to enjoy in Kathmandu. This one made of dark lentils and egg tastes fantastic. The dark lentils will be soaked for one night and then made into a paste. After, masala will be added to the paste. Later, the paste with masala will be shaped into smaller circles on the pan. Finally, one egg will be cracked on it. That’s all in a few minutes, a tasty and delicious Maas Ko Bara will be ready.

Alu Tareko

In mountainous regions, aloo is the most used vegetable item in cuisines. Any dish with the combination of aloo tastes fine. Alu Tareko is one such best aloo food to try in Kathmandu. This will be prepared with the combination of fried potatoes and spices. To enjoy spicy aloo food in Kathmandu, Aloo Tareko is the best option to try.


If you’re a noodle soup lover, Thukpa makes you excite with its awesome taste. In Kathmandu, Thukpa noodle soup is very popular. It seems very simple with boiled water, noodles, and different vegetables but in taste levels, it is a good one to try. Different masalas used in this noodle soup add more taste to it. Thukpa is also be prepared in non-veg style. As per your wish, you can opt.


Choila is Kathmandu’s best non-veg food. It is a well-known Newari cuisine prepares with different kinds of meat. This food mostly serves with mutton or chicken or duck meats with a combination of chiura, rice flakes, etc. It is hot and spicy food and the meat will be grilled. So for spicy lovers, Choila is a mouthwatering dish to try.

Tingmo and Aloo Phing

This famous Tibetan food is a great combination of rice, tingmo, and aloo phing. Tingmo is a bread, which will be steamed and served with Aloo phing made of noodles, vegetables, and potatoes in the hot broth. In addition to these two, rice will be served. With these three combinations, you can enjoy the best-ever Tibetan food in Kathmandu.

Street Food to try in Kathmandu

In every place, for street food, there will be a separate fan base and most number of people also loves street food. Here a few best-try street foods are noted down.

Keema Chatamari

This Keema Chatamari is similar to a pizza. But this one will be made of rice-flour and different toppings. Keema Chatamari is one of the popular Newari cuisines in Kathmandu. The finishing touch to the Keema Chatamari with egg, meat, or onion toppings make everyone enjoy the deliciousness of the chatamari. In Kathmandu, the best and first item to try in streets is Keem Chatamari.


Sekuwa is a unique street food to try, which will be roasted in a natural wood fire. This food item is a traditional snack of Limbu people. But now this interesting food is the famous street food in Kathmandu. To prepare this item ready, meat will be coated with spices and natural herbs. Then, it will be roasted.

Sel Roti

Sel Roti popularly known as Nepalese doughnut is a well-known street food in Kathmandu. At every street, it will be available. The famous doughnut of Nepal made of rice flour and different flavors of sweet attracts people. Especially during Hindu festivals, this sweet will be most prepared. Different flavors of Sel Roti is a good choice in Kathmandu if you like sweets more.

Aloo Chop

Aloo chop stuffed with aloo and chicken is a fantastic street food to try in Kathmandu. Throughout Nepal, this aloo chop is quite famous. Aloo chop is like an awaiting food for guests in ready. That’s why tourists and people like to have this easy takeaway snack. Moreover, the aloo chop with different chutney flavors finds very tasty.

Without a dessert, our dinner or lunch may not give satisfaction to us. So it must and should to enjoy delightful desserts at the end. Lassi, Jalebi, Juju Dhau, Yomari, Lakhamari, etc are the best-try desserts of Kathmandu. They make your food journey in Kathmandu unforgettable. Hope this food guide make you sure what to enjoy in Kathmandu.

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