Kathmandu Travel Information

The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu gifted with the blissful environment, majestic mountains, historic marvels, adventurous activities, and with the rich culture, sounds great as the perfect destination for a traveler to enjoy every sense of traveling. From a serene seeker to adventure thriller, everyone loves the atmosphere of Kathmandu.

But traveling to places like Kathmandu is not an easy task. Because Kathmandu is located at high altitude with rugged terrains, mountains, slopes, etc. So, Sometimes travelers may feel uncomfortable due to altitude sickness, hard transportation, unable to stabilize with the surrounding environment, what to eat, and where to stay, etc. Like this, many problems in a new place make the traveler confused and unenthusiastic to enjoy the place attractions.

To avoid all these problems, a perfect travel guide beore you visit the place is enough. For the traveler convenience, this travel guide about Kathmandu makes journey smooth and pleasant with lovely memories.

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