Darjeeling Tour Packages

Darjeeling is the queen of all Himalayan hill stations. The hill town get its beauty from the colonial charm, the nature’s ambiance, and the exquisite culture. This post-card perfect honeymoon destination stands 2,050m above the mean sea level. This summer escapade is a popular destination of state of state of West Bengal. However Sikkim which is located adjacent and north of Darjeeling.

Do you know that the term ‘Darjeeling’ means, the land of thunderbolt? Dorje means thunder and ling means land. Before British took over India, Darjeeling was a part of Nepal. This ancient Nepalese hill town was a famous war outpost, which soon turned into a trading area. Since the colonial era, Darjeeling has been an important holiday site. British officers took Darjeeling tours to escape the tropical summers of India. In 19th century, they even introduced the toy train, which is now a heritage site and an important tourism activity.

Darjeeling has green slopes covered with plantations, making it one of the best places for tea tourism in the country. It is not just about plantations. You can find a spectrum of flora, thanks to the signature Himalayan climate. This place is lush with alpine forests, rare colorful orchids, oak, birch, sal, cherry, and others. The best of all is the vibrant species of Rhododendrons that carpet the valleys, especially if you are visiting in summer. Such a natural paradise would obviously attract birds from surrounding regions. You can find finches, herons, Bengal florican, sunbird, orioles, flycatchers, and others.

When it comes to culture, Darjeeling is more colorful. The common population is derived from several communities like Gorkhas, Tibetans, Nepalese, and others. This cultural diversity brings a spectrum of festivals, delicacies, and interesting souvenirs to buy. Top cultural souvenirs to buy here are prayer wheels, paintings, flags, scarves, woolen articles, and others. If you are saturated with nature trails, village explorations, and market visits, Darjeeling has an adventure face for you. The hill town is famous for interesting activities like cable car ride, monastery exploration, river rafting, trekking, hiking, and others.

Do you wish to cover the cultural beauty of the land and enjoy the tribal traditions and cuisines? Do you want a fairy-tale like honeymoon vacation with cliché Himalayan hill town activities? Or, are you planning to spice things up with exotic and adventure activities? After all, why settle with one type, when you can enjoy a comprehensive tour covering every type of Darjeeling activities? Darjeeling has the tranquility of a paradise and a diversity that would surprise you. Below are the list of Darjeeling Tour Packages that you could choose to cover Darjeeling in different styles and experience Himalayan beauty in the way, you desire.

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