What to Eat in North India

Food is an integral part of India. When there is a wedding, a feast is conducted. When there is a ritual or religious ceremony, again a feast is conducted. Thanks to the landform diversity of the country, you can find unique cuisines around the country. Jaisalmer gives more importance to meat dishes, Alwar focuses on milk sweets, Kashmir is famous for fruit delicacies and so on.

North Indian Cuisines

Here is the Top North Indian Cuisines to enjoy during your visit. This list will include both sweet and savory items.

1. Chole Bhature

This is a street-food, which has been transformed into a hotel menu item. This dish is served with a large bhature with a side of chickpea masala, which is basically cooked chickpea seasoned with many spices and a thick gravy. Sometimes, the bhatureis stuffed with potato, panner or even meat.

2. Carrot Halwa

This is the iconic dish for every ceremony and celebration. Carrots are grated and cooked with condensed milk, cardamom, sugar and ghee. This dish is garnished with cherries, cashews, almonds, raisins and others. Sometimes, it is served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

3. Kashmiri Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh is a dish made with lamb cooked in aromatic spices. There are two styles of this dish and Kashmiri Rogan Josh is the Islamic variant of the dish, where the braised chunks of lamb is cooked in a gravy made with caramelized onions, ginger garlic paste, yogurt, aromatic spices and others. The specialty of the dish is the rich red color, which is due to Kashmiri chili. It is a very spicy dish.

4. Dal Bati

Travel around Rajasthan and you cannot walk through a menu without dal bati. This is quite famous in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh too. This is a local dish made with wheat powder. This dough is stuffed with potato, panner, spices and others. The balls are cooked and served with chutney and buttermilk.

5. Chaat Varieties

Delhi is famous for chaat items. You can find numerous delicacies made under this genre. It all starts with a small crispy ball. Some dishes are savory and while the others are sweet. These dishes can be found in every nook and corner of Delhi. Today, these dishes are served throughout the country.

6. Biryani

Although biriyani is famous in Hyderabad, the variant of North India is also noteworthy. It is a flavored rice cooked with spices and meat together. It is served with eggplant curry or yogurt with onion. Vegetarian version of biriyani is also available.

7. Butter Chicken

Originated in Delhi, this dish is famous for marinating the chicken in cream and spices to give a richness. The gravy for this dish is created by grinding cashew and green chilies together. It takes hours to prepare this dish and it is a note-worthy one.

8. Kadhai Paneer

Paneer is cottage cheese. In this dish, the cheese is cut into cubes and sautéed with spices, onion, Kashmiri chili, capsicum and tomato. It is served with rice or roti.

9. Rajma Chawal

Red bean curry with rice is a staple dish for locals. It is a simple dish and gives a wholesome feel. If you are visiting any local restaurant, try this dish, without fail.

10. Dal Makhni

This dish is made with whole black lentils and red kidney bean. This dish is served in a gravy consistency, along with rice or roti.

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