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Foods / Restaurants in North India

North India is a multi cultural and multi ethnic with different climatic regions. Equally diversified are its local cuisine. There are Restaurants and eateries in every region of North India serving local delicacies. In Punjab, you will find road-side Restaurants serving you Makki ki roti (corn flour) with sarson ka sag (vegetable made from oil-seed leaves).

In adjoining Rajasthan, local restaurants serve you dal-bati-churma. In Delhi,being a cosmopolitan capital, every type of food is available. There are Muglai Restaurants serving you Biryani and Chicken /Mutton corma. There are South Indian Restaurants serving you Idli-Dosa. There are Restaurants serving you Chinese, Italian and intercontinental dishes. This is more and less so in most of the big cities.

In Hill Station of Darjeeling, you get momoes. In towns of Uttar Pradesh, you are likely to get Alu-Puri (deep friend dough with potato soup). In Kashmir, non-veg food is highly palatable.

So choose the Restaurant carefully to get the stuff that suits your palate or taste local stuff for trial.

North India Restaurants

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