Shopping in Ajmer

Ajmer is comparatively a smaller town but, the cultural and chaos is inevitable. It can be considered to be the paradise for the people who love to shop various different things. This religious destination holds numerous small but colorful markets like Madar Gate market, Naya market, Dargah market, Ajaymeru Udyog craft mela and others, where one can get a few get a few specialized products that are different from each other yet very eye catchy.

Starting from the handicrafts till various kinds of tie and dyed fabrics, the city Ajmer is the home of many more impressive and precious goods. Although shopping is not the only activity to enjoy in Ajmer but it is an important tourist activity. Here are a few exclusive things to buy in Ajmer.

Popular Things to Buy in Ajmer

The vibrant city offers Jodhpuri Joothis, Colorful Turbans, Silver Ornaments, Chaddars, Table Covers are common goods available in the market streets of the beautiful city Ajmer. A few special perfumes (Ittar) with a very sweet fragrance will mesmerize people are only available in this Rajasthan city. Along with all these the embroidered apparels, joothis, bandhej sarees, suits stand as an example of the traditional art and skill of the craftsmen. Along with the fabrics, apparels, costumes another fascinating thing available in the city Ajmer is the jewelry. The ornaments will amaze every woman as the beautiful designs are worthy of being part of your impressive collection. Find below other famous things to buy in Ajmer:

1. Brassware

You can buy brassware from any part of the country. However, the markets of Ajmer holds brass articles with patterns and phrases itched on it. If you visit markets closer to dargah, you can find articles with Islamic phrases on it.

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2. Sohan Halwa

This is a sweet delicacy, originated from Persia. This corn-flour based delicacy is added with many spices and nuts. Out of numerous delicacies of Rajasthan, Sohan Halwa is the most commonly chosen edible souvenir. The tough consistency makes it easy for traveling and the shelf life is also longer.

3. Benzoin Resin

This is one of the unique items you could find in the markets of Ajmer. A local species of styrax tree is very common in this region. The sap of this tree has aromatic properties. This resin used as home freshener and for religious activities. You can also buy charcoals and earthen pots, which are required for burning the resin to produce the aromatic scent. You can also find benzoin infused oil, candles and essential oils. It is said to have good effect over reducing mental stress, when inhaled.

4. Lac Ornaments

Accessories made with lac is quite common throughout Rajasthan. Lac is a resin obtained from lac insects. Colorful bangles made out of lac is one of the top accessories, which are chosen as souvenirs by international travelers.

5. Embroidered Apparels

Ajmer is one of the top spots of textile sales. You can find all kinds of materials including tie and dye fabrics. Joothis, turbans, saris, scarves and ethnic dresses are the common types of apparels to buy in Ajmer. If you are looking for unstitched materials, you can buy from the markets too. Handloom articles are a little costlier, but worth every penny, you spend.

6. Silver Ornaments

There are numerous silver ornaments selling shops in and around Ajmer. Remember to buy from branded shops. Some street sellers would sell fake silver jewelry filled with wax. You can find simple rings to intricate necklace and large jewelry made of silver. Before you buy a large one, check out the taxes and flight requisition for transporting silver and other precious metal articles.

7. Handicraft Items

Wooden, brass, marble and earthen handicraft items are quite common in Ajmer. Starting from decorative home décor items to large utensils, you can find numerous items of varying beauty elements in this market. Marble carvings of deities and monuments is a common souvenir in most of the handicraft stores of Ajmer, especially in Kishangarh region.

8. Phad Painting

This is one of the ancient art forms of Ajmer and surrounding regions. This is a type of scroll painting done on phad, a long canvas. Usually, you can find paintings describing scenes from local mythology, figures of deities and even religious phrases.

9. Leather Articles

One of the best souvenirs of Rajasthan is camel leather articles. Starting from showcase items to belts and other accessories, you can find many leather articles. Camel leather articles are quite costlier than the cow leather.

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